Monday, August 22, 2016

Another Scale Bites The Dust (ANOTHER!!)

I got home from Egypt yesterday morning after two very miserable days of a terrible migraine which left me in bed feeling sorry for myself and alone with no wifi, no tv and no distraction. This migraine was next level and I wasn't able to sit up without an intense throbbing  which on a regular pain scale was an easy 10. Anyway, so I got in yesterday morning with no sleep, I tried to soldier on, wanting a good nights rest rather than a few broken naps. I still have a bit of the migraine left, but it's almost manageable now. 

By 8pm, I put on the McGregor vs Diaz fight (UFC 202) (legendary fight) - and caved in to the cravings, and had a serious pasta, Doritos, milkshake binge. 

This morning, I knew I had to face the music i.e. The scale and see how far I've slipped, expecting a solid 65kg+. Yet, even after the binge, the scale read 62.8kg. I kinda blinked at it for a minute and picked up my cat, Gremlin to check if the scale was broken. I weighed him, a solid 4.5kg - perfect weight for my little furball, put him down and tried again, 62.9kg. Which is the precise weight that I was before Egypt. 

I'm convinced it is now broken (the 0.1kg fluctuation as my evidence) - I am going to see what it is tomorrow and if it's not more realistic, I'll have to get a second one. Can't be having a scale that lies.

I'm actually not too tired, but my back is still sore from the safari on Thursday last week.

I was meant to see the Italian last night, but I was just destroyed, so he had a major strop with me about this. And now at least I know his fighting style - emotional blackmail. "If you really liked me then..." and "I thought you were different, but obviously you're not..." So essentially, I put him straight and told him that if that's how he's going to try and be with me then he won't ever hear from me again, I don't play those games. He backed down very quickly. Little fucker. It was amusing. 

Anyway, happy Monday y'all. 

Instagram name has now changed to keranberan (some holiday pics are up there)! 

Last week of August, can you believe it? 

Peace & Love from my favourite of favourites, smokey London 
Xo Xo 

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Bella said...

How does this even happen?! I've had the same scale for like... maybe 15+ years? It's still accurate (judging by weighing dumbbells and in comparison to the good ol' doctors scale). It's not like it's a super duper good brand, either.

Good on you for putting the emotional blackmailer in his place. Ain't nobody got time for that shit (y)