Friday, August 12, 2016

The Patriarchy Strikes Back

I have not been as good this week as I could have been. I'm still hovering in the 63's. This morning was 63.2 - SO FUCKING CLOSE! I know why though, I've been having about 1200/1300 calories a day, which obviously means "sustainable loss" - slower (albeit allegedly healthier loss). 

I am however taking a silver lining from this: I am learning to maintain. I've been on this weight now for about a month, so even if I'm only losing very slowly, I'm not binging AND I'm not gaining. 

I'm so fucking stoked that I go on holiday tomorrow, I need a break. I'm going to use the time to work on myself and try to shift this last bit of weight. I am not coming home fat. My plan is to eat breakfast (cuz it's included in my hotel) and then skip lunch and have a small dinner (cuz I do want to try some local cuisine). 

If you hear of a plane that went down on its way to Egypt around 3am on Sunday morning, say a little non-secular prayer for me. I have Valium because I am absolutely petrified of flying - not least of which the route I'm going. *it'll be fine Piggy, it'll be fine* 

I hope I can catch a tan while I'm there and hopefully meet some nice new people. This week has been fairly uneventful, the Italian has been just lovely. Super affectionate (via text only, because I told him I was busy this week which is only half true) and not overbearing. I think I agree with you guys, not all of these things are forever, so I'm just gonna have fun, because he's a nice boy. And he's so fucking hot. 

Also, WHY DID I EVER STOP LISTENING TO THE KILLERS!? Sam's Town is honestly one of the best albums ever made. 

I've decided to cut off one of my friends. She is vapid and idiotic, and is incapable of talking about anything other than her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend... Or makeup, or something of equal shallowness. I have always prided myself on being a strong woman, who doesn't flap around men and who doesn't need to have men in my life. I try to always learn new things and have new experiences. Men are, of course, one piece of the puzzle - but agonising over him sending you a text and "what does it meaaaaaan", get a life. I tried to discuss what to call a character in my new book and she could talk about that for about five minutes before it devolved into more useless chat about her boyfriend. She can be oppressed by the patriarchy, I refuse to be. And her oppression is oppressing me. Fuck. The. Patriarchy. You know what I mean? She has no interests beyond drinking and her boyfriend. She never travels or tries new things. She can't do anything beyond go to the pub and flap about other people. ITS PATHETIC. I can't anymore. Fuck the patriarchy. To her credit, she is totally ride or die. She's the kind of person that would help you hide a dead body with no further questioning than "where's the shovel?" Despite this however, I can't spend so much of my life being wrapped up by her crap. I think she's only that available to other people because that's all she has to contribute. 

Fuck the patriarchy. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

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Eve said...

It sounds more like a strong case of codependency than the patriarchy. Love is a great and needed facet of the human existence, but being so overly infused in this guy isn't healthy. Also, I like Jesus so I said a real prayer for your flight. :P