Saturday, August 13, 2016

Smashing Goals & Being Fearless

I finally fucking cracked 62! This morning - despite having still had about 1400 calories yesterday - I weighed in at 62.9kg. So I made it but just barely. 

Coming to you from Heathrow Terminal 2, I am about to pop a Valium as I board this flight to Istanbul. My dearest blogger-world friends, please say a little prayer for me to your respective gods - I am terrified of this flight, of the stop over in Istanbul and of this trip generally. I will cut a bitch if they try to harass me, but I'm pretty confident that I can make some friends and stay safe. 

You might ask yourself, why is Piggy flying to a remote part of an Arab country by herself? The answer is because I'm a fucking idiot. For those westerners reading this - I do not have a problem with Arab countries, but my point in mentioning this is that my experience has been getting mercilessly harassed and what I would call sexually assaulted - felt up in the most crude way possible with zero fucks given on the part of these men. In this situation, as a woman by yourself in a strange country that doesn't speak English, all you can do is hope that you'll get out of the situation as soon as possible and you have to just move on. I am a tall, very pale blonde female by myself. An easy target. BUT this time, I've dressed like a bit of a hobo and have a headscarf to cover my hair. So I'm hoping that this will help not draw attention to myself, I've booked a cab on the other side and am going straight to the hotel... Which as it turns out is a resort with loads of diving - SO if it is properly dodgy (not dangerous dodgy, cuz I'm African. I got this) as far as harassy men then I won't have to leave. I arrive at 3.15am local time. *facepalm* 

You might now ask why I'd go knowing that I might run into trouble - BECAUSE FUCK THE PATRIARCHY! I won't let other people ruin my adventures. I refuse to be scared and so I will do the best I can and try to be fearless. *idiot* 

Anyway, so I've probably already had my days allowance of calories consisting of almond butter, coffee, fruit, smoothies and yoghurt. So it's all clean whole food, but still. The plan is to not drink on the flight since I need to have my wits about me and to eat only the part of the food that doesn't have carbs in it. I've worked hard to be ready for a bikini on the trip, so I need to not fuck it up now. 

I can do this. 

Say a prayer for me beautiful friends, I'm now boarding my flight. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

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