Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Piggy's Fools Errand

Plans, plans, plans...

That's all I can think about at the moment is life plans. I have an idea for an online business that I want to try and start doing. I won't go into specifics about what it is, but it will hopefully allow me to do two things that I really want to do: 
1. Save cats (well animals, generally. But starting with cats!)
2. #VanLife around Europe or wherever for a few summers. It won't be next year, but maybe the year after, etc. 

Which brings me to my second plan - I've said that once I get my British citizenship, I'm going to live in Singapore for two years - I looked into it and legitimately, I could do that. Even if my business idea falls completely flat, I'd be able to do my current job elsewhere, such as Singapore at a high enough level that I could get a work visa. Which is brilliant. 

Which brings me to my third plan - holidays for the rest of the year. I'm planning a holiday doing camel trekking in Morocco for a week in October and a week in Italy doing Rome, Venice and Naples. *all the pizza* 

And lastly, my fourth point is that I got an email yesterday from a tattoo studio that I've been trying to get an appointment with for years and the artist wants to book in my tattoo - which is going to be my whole leg (think a leg sleeve) starting with marine vibes on the bottom (turtles, coral, nemo's and dory's) moving into skulls and crows at the top. Her name is Lianne Moule - you should check her out, she's fucking nuts. In a good awesome way. So I need to book an appointment with her today and then will go for a consult. 

All of this does mean I will be very poor for the next few months (YEARS!), but YOLO. 

In pursuit of my business idea, I'm going to go on a Wordpress/website building course next month after holiday and work travels. 

This morning, I weighed in at 63.9kg (yaaaaaassssss, Piggy! Yaaaassssss!) - which means there is a possibility that by the time I fly out on Saturday, I'll finally be in the 62's! *yaaaaaaasssssss* 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

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Sam Lupin said...

save cats and Van Life, eh? sounds like something to remember, aye?

"I'd be able to do my current job elsewhere, such as Singapore at a high enough level that I could get a work visa. Which is brilliant." VERY impressive. i am pretty astonished at how well you do your work. as you mentioned it before, if they're sending you outside of your country to do it, you must be pretty bloody good at it.

wow. you really have seen the world (except for Bahrain *hinthinthint*)

that sounds pretty amazing but you need to show us pictures, missy. of the design itself (once you get round to it.) i'm surely interested in it.

gosh, you're really close to your goal. i actually consider you at your goal because what's 1-2kg off really for the skinny misses here? ;) <3

-Sam Lupin