Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So, there isn't much to update... actually that is a total lie. Let's start with Friday. Basically, my hair is a total hit with men it seems. Holy balls. Got asked out twice on Friday and one of which was by this dude who is kinda old (like 38 kinda old) and I was somehow talked into this by this other chick that was telling me about how she used to be a professional dominatrix (Yes, correct. Professional) and it seemed like a good idea after a hundred cocktails. Anyway, so then he got super possessive when I was dancing with these other dudes. I was very like - dafuq!? BITCH. WHAT IS YOUR DAMAGE? Anyway, it isn't going to work out. Then I ended up hooking up with this other guy who was a total schmooze ball. Although, I only noticed this when I was sober. Then on Sunday, some guy chased me down on Oxford Street asking me if I wanted to have coffee with him. Also not keen on him. He has a hairy chest. I.e. GROSS. The weekend was not great for eating - I was hungover etc etc. So I basically ate a shiton of carbs all weekend long. 

Yesterday, I flew to Hamburg, which is where I am as we speak. I'm busy sitting in the back of a hotel venue in a conference... Yesterday was a really long day, today is going to be a really long day, as is tomorrow and Thursday. I can't wait to get home to my Gremlin. Poor baby must be missing me so much. Which brings me to my next point. I'm getting another cat this weekend. I don't really want another cat, but HEAR ME OUT. Basically, with work and living in a place that is not my home. I travel a fair amount. And even though I can leave my precious boy at home alone for 3 days or so and he'll be fine. When I go home for my sisters wedding for example. I'll be gone for like three weeks and he'll have to go to a cattery. So I figure that he needs to have a buddy as a home comfort. And I know, I know. Cats are not like that. Gremlin is though. He's like a dog. So I have found another kitty who is also about 5 years old. And I'm fetching her this weekend. I'm thinking that I am going to name her Jellybean. What dyou think? I have put a little pic of her below - I think she looks like a little Jellybean...

In eating news.Yesterday I had about... 300 calories as a whole for the day. Today it has been quite a bit more, but I don't think all is lost for today. I'm going to skip dinner. On the plus side, I haven't had any carbs... oh wait that's a lie. I had rye bread this morning. I had the smallest slice of rye with cheese and salami on it (I'm in Germany, what can I say *cry*). Lunch was a full on affair, I think I did alright though. I had a piece of salmon, some steak and then tomato salad. Mostly protein basically. I'm going to skip dinner, although I suspect that we are going to have a team dinner, so I may have to eat something. I want to try and make sure that if I do, it will be a piece of fish and nothing more. I don't even want to know about the calories, but I think I'm doing alright for the minute. Let's hope I haven't gained too much by the time I get to London. 


Claudelle Mémoire said...

Aw, welcome to Germany. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay ♥ If possible you should go out for a walk along the Alster. It should be quite nice as long as it sunny.
Unfortunately German food is very ... heavy. Thus it's great to read you are doing well and stay away from almost most of the meals! Good work, girl ♥.

Your cat is adorable, I am pretty sure you miss her as much as she misses you.

Love, Claudelle

Ashley Nichole said...

Go you attracting all those men! Also, older isn't always bad. I go for them sometimes when I need a break from "deadbeat" people.

Sounds like you are doing wonderful, and continue rocking the hair!

TinyRose said...

Jellybean is so cute! And you are very hot :)

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

professional...can you send her over at my place
'and it seemed like a good idea after a hundred cocktails'. i'm dying FP (if you do anything with her, send me a note).
the weekend = time to blow-out completely.
how does that look like a jellybean i won't eat that cat (hint: i probably will)
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg good luck in Germany honey
-Sam Lupin