Thursday, June 6, 2013

With Great Hair...

... come great responsibility. FUCK ME. So basically, on Tuesday after I wrote my last post, we had a drinks reception at the hotel with all the speakers and delegates.. Everyone had just about left except for myself and the ops manager (who I must just categorically state, I totally misjudged, she is absolutely lovely - just having a bad day), three of the speakers and one of the delegates. We found out that it was one of the speakers birthdays and the madness of tequila chugging ensued. Basically - we all got absolutely shitfaced. I ended up making out with one of the speakers - who is a 29 year old research engineer and phd student from Cologne. Absolutely gorgeous with the bluest of blue eyes and he's been all up in my business since it happened. Basically though, he just wants to bone I think. And he lives super far away - like 3/4 hour drive. So anyway. Cute though... One day the planets will align and someone will be perfect again. My ex has been stalking my linkedin again. Asshole.  

I'm still in hamburg and I ate like a horse yesterday with all the hangover-ness. Pizza, pasta, chocolate, sandwiches. Like a fucking horse. So I'm fat. I haven't eaten yet today and I want to see if I can make it till dinner time when I get home. I'm meant to be fetching the new cat this weekend, still not convinced I want to screw up the equilibrium in my life with another cat. But I'll see what Gremlin is like when I get home. I'm fat. And FUCK MY LIFE!

Bratwurst & Sauerkraut
Xo Xo


Anna Stone said...

Germany is no place for the faint of eating, so be "fat", embrace it, and adore it as part of the German experience. You have all the time in the world to be thin & dieting back where you live. But Germany? Shit, wire me some liverwurst while yer there, I'll be fat pretending to be in Germany lol. No matter what country you're in, I feel like vacation is a time to let go. Our everyday is obsessed with the intake, the weight, the calories...vacation from work and life should be a vacation from dieting as well. Enjoy yourself, eat that bratwurst, and get on some of those sexy ass German dudes! They're my favorite!!

Emily Anonymous said...

Lol, I love what the hair is doing for you! Use it to your advantage as much as possible :)