Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome to the Mia Purge-Party

This is what the bathrooms at work are like after lunch everyday... and it is a strange emotion because I am disgusted by the stench when you walk into the bathroom and the fact that both stalls have been used for this very purpose. I am also really jealous that I am the one that isn't the thinniest person in the office and the resident MIA. I know that this is something that I probably shouldn't be feeling... but it is thinspirational in a way... I know who it is too... She is super, super skinny. And I saw her come out today before I went in. Altogether now in the 1,2,3 Puke Party. 

Apologies again for the fact that I haven't been posting. It is because I have been eating. Far too much, like a fucking mutant. This evening for example. I had set out to have a small pasta for dinner, but I made extra so that I could take some to work yesterday and I ended up eating the entire damn thing. Which means that my optimistic intake for today which was meant to be around 700 is now way up into the 1100's. Disgusting. But on the plus side, it isn't a proper binge. So hopefully I won't have gained tomorrow. I haven't weighed in ages. I don't think I will weigh tomorrow because I had carbs for dinner. My new thing is to have carbs for lunch and then either a salad or soup for dinner. So this is what I'm going to try. This will serve two purposes, it will keep me awake in the afternoon to have a lunch of about 250 cals - carbs. And it will also make sure that I am not fucking ravenous by the time I get home and then I will actually be able to behave like a good-ana and only have a 150 cal soup dinner. This is the plan. 

My German is the most perfect man *gush gush* *smittening all up in hur'*. He asked me today to write an article with him... I haven't even started my masters yet and he is on his phd in fucking engineering/maths and he has enough professional respect for me to put his name next to mine on an article. It's like an academic proposal. I don't know if I will do it, he is sending me the topic proposal later today... I think this has the potential to be something amazing. The articles and the German. I'm doing my masters in EU Law. Btws. It is the cheapest course I've found - still 8000 pounds though. But it's awesome. Would it be a bad thing if I put a paypal thing on the side of my blog... maybe some of the people that read would donate a little to the Piggy-Wants-Her-Masters-Scholarship Fund. I don't want to be cheap, but perhaps. Fuck. POVO! Anyway, just a thought. 

Love & Pasta
Xo Xo


PrettyLies said...

At least your mother isn't feeding you biscuits and toast EVERY MORNING. For like a week. She wakes me up for breakfast and makes me coffee. I'm not used to being fed, it's weird. Aw German sounds cool. Just don't make writing a big article and being together complicated, that sounds like a romantic comedy waiting to happen. I'm trying to see if my dude person is going to work out, who knows. I'm trying to not be too smitten considering we haven't even kissed yet. Le sigh. Take care hon.

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

oh my fuck
i swear its not me im trying to recover xD
there are people thinner than you? can i be them???
you mean you're eating like i do? omg. me too. xD. i just have been eating real meals the past few days - I've gained a kilo and a bit in 4 days! yay me!
fuck me to hell and back is what i'm gonna say.
clam chowder.
that's what i want. i want to try it. i want to try an evil fattening bowl of clam chowder xo
omg wow
your German is an ass. i say this because i want to be him. :P less muscle t hough. probably would love being his height though! (i'm guessing he's tall. fucking hell. taller than me at least.)

-Sam Lupin

yours said...

This post is so adorable.
The purge party cracks me up... and your lovey dovey rant is too cute.
Love it.