Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lost In Thought

It's all been a bit melodramatic for the past few days or weeks. I got into another discussion with my boss on Friday, except this time it involved her boss too and basically, the dumb mother fucking hobag whore BITCH lied to her boss about me and started telling her how I don't listen to the things she tells me. Fucking. Liar. Anyway, so essentially, I'm giving up that battle. Because, I only fight for things that are worth fighting for and I am NOT A FUCK working for someone that is petty enough to lie about my performance to someone else. So I'm just going to put the job search into over drive and let's hope that I can resign within the next two weeks. 

Basically as a by product of that whole situation is that I have been constantly stoning for the last two weeks or so and eating a lot as a by product of that. I managed to keep it civilised yesterday and today, but that has been a first. I'm getting uncontrollably fat again. I've decided that I am going to go on a soup diet from tomorrow until next Sunday - vegan of course. Bring it. 

Pensive & Moody
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