Monday, September 30, 2013

Why am I so HUGE?

I'm just enormous. I feel like this hulking mountain of flesh coming at people like a Sasquatch sized cannon ball. Fuck. I hate it. I'm on this whole alpha female kick at the moment, mostly because of how in demand I seem to be with my job hunting. I've got four... or five companies that want to interview in the next few weeks and that is excluding the four dream job applications that I made... but whether or not they call is a different matter. Anyway, so I've decided to devote all of my energy to being a truly amazing business person. I am far too worn down for men and maybe there is just no one else out there for me. And I'm cool with that. BUT as always, Mia is right, right there to remind me that I'll just be another sat, fat loser with no life and her cats if I can't shift this weight. I've decided not to weigh myself till Wednesday, because I think I may lose it if I get on the scale today. Today I've had about 500 cals, yoghurt, soup and some crackers. I'm only on soup really at the moment, so I'm going to have yoghurt for lunch, soup for dinner. That is the master plan. I can't believe I've spent this year so disgustingly fat. 

Over it. 

Love & Soup
Xo Xo 

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