Friday, December 26, 2014

A Roller Coaster Of Decisions That I Feel Like I Never Made

But at the same time, I did make those decisions. I made the decision to repeat a stupid rumour that I heard in the pub, leading to a miniature freak out by a 50-something year old woman which ultimately ruined my work christmas party, despite the fact that I looked smoking hot, which has in turn preoccupied my brain for the last week. Hashtag holiday ruined. 

I made the decision at the very same christmas party to get absolutely shitfaced leading to me straddling the office playboy, a fact which I am going to have to own in 9 short days. My attitude is literally going to be like 'yeah, and?' I figure the only way to live it down is if I literally just OWN it. 

I made the decision to come home from Amsterdam two days early, because it was cold and windy and I ran around for days shoving whatever illegal substances I could find into my face. Amterdam... what an AMAZING city, although sadly no love there. I made the decision to keep things going with David despite my better judgment, although it's going well. That decision to come home early however, has lead to a non-stop eating festival, which means I am the fattest I've ever been. 

But then I also made the decision to go on these diet pills, the one that Miley was on. And I did a kettlebell workout today. So hopefully, I look smashing by New Years Eve, which will be in Dublin. 

Sometimes, I just wish I could make irresponsible choices instead of being on a nonstop train of decisions which felt like they were never a decision to begin with. 

Love & Regret
Xo Xo

p.s. I regret nothing. 


cursum perficio said...

Love your PS.

Faye said...

p.s. I regret nothing

Hell yeah wild child. :3