Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When Things Are Squishy

And when I say squishy, I mean me right now. Although truth be told, I have actually been "good" since Friday after the Saturday dirty burger fiasco. Well that was until today when I started my day with a mountain of chocolate. Yeah, good times. Then I had a veg sausage, beans and chips for lunch, not my finest hour. All in all, I think I did about 700 cals to that point. Anyway, so for dinner I had a salad with feta and avocado (bout 200) and I'm gonna call it a day, so not entirely a disaster. WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING HARD OVER CHRISTMAS?? Everything in my life is about eating and drinking right now, no WONDER everyone gets so fat over Christmas. Anyone got some top tips about not getting fat this time of year - tricks? Trick or treat... Think about it... ;)

I can't though, because my dress for the office Christmas party is very slinky and it needs to make jaws drop. MOREOVERWHICH, my work friend is being crushed on the sexy sales director who has a girlfriend and I'm a bit jealous, because. NO, I don't want him. Yes, he always calls me 'mate' BUT I still want him to fancy me and not her. I love her, but like. I want to be the hot one. *sad panda* So there is the jealous bitch coming out. Whatever. 

I got a new tattoo on the weekend, Of a cat, Check me out on instagram Miss_Keran :)

Peace & Love
Xo Xo

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