Monday, December 29, 2014

What I Didn't Do Today

Was weigh myself, the reason being that I woke up really late and before I knew it I had drunk like a litre of fluids and that would have distorted my weight. So...I haven't weighed today. I've also just about used up all my calories for the day (flash back to yesterday's post, 900 cal for the whole day) and it's not even 5pm - I just needed to snack. I'm on like 750. Basically, the problem is that I'm super bored at home, and when one is bored... one eats fucking everything. So to combat this, I'm going to go to a movie tonight with David and have a coffee and some diet coke and let that be it for the day. Tomorrow's 800 should be fun. Not. Really. Particularly as it's David's birthday AND there will be drinking. Fun. Not really. I'm going to be proactive tomorrow and do a kettle bell workout and maybe also a short run to try and not go over that net (I hate working in net, but I know with the boozing it will be impossible to consume less than 800, I will stick to whiskey though which is only 50 cals a shot). Anyway, the next few days are going to be difficult as I'll be in Dublin from Wednesday to Friday - my plan is to skip meals wherever possible and eat only fresh/raw. I can do this. 

Also, this girl that I used to be friends with - the one whose boyfriend kissed me and then admitted it to her and then she stopped speaking to me - like for reals, three years ago almost? - anyway, she posted a pic of herself in a new bikini on instagram and lemme tell - she. looks. fucking. banging. She looks so amazing, so like, she is my thinspiration for today. As much as most of my friends look at Tanith and say she's super a vapid, stupid bitch etc etc, I actually think she's amazing. It's a pity the actions of her dirtbag ex boyfriend meant our friendship had to end. To put this into perspective, we were high as kites on MDMA at a club and he kissed me, I pushed him away. Somehow I'm still the bad one. ANYWAY, that sob story aside, I'm really proud of her for how she's changed over the past three years. She really has started dressing beautifully, eased up on the shit makeup she used to plaster all over her beautiful face and she has become the picture of good health and fitness (except I know she has a bulimic past, so whether this has something to do with it... I dunno...). Yeah, so I'm proud and with 81 days till Thailand, I can only hope that I look as amazing as she does when the time comes.

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo


Katie Elizabeth said...

I am also dreading tonight due to alcohol. I'm thinking I should just keep it at a couple glasses of wine and not get too crazy.

LeeTiger28 said...

Hope you did well with the alcohol. I have a love/hate relationship with a girl like Tanith too and it's just the worst. Fuck skinny girls, but like, they're also kind of goddesses. Anyway, hope you had a great New Year!
<3 Lee