Sunday, December 28, 2014

Runaway Train... To Thailand

I feel like I can't control my eating - my collar bones are starting to disappear, my thighs are getting fat. God. I need to take control now, before it's too late. So before I go into my plan, I want to first tell you all that I went for my first snowboarding lesson today and it was a TON of fun. I loved it. I'm going again next weekend. It is however very expensive, so I have decided in conjunction with this that I'm going to do dry-January i.e. no alcohol during January. AND January is going to be my healthy month, starting today. Which means tracking my actual calories every single day and on a weekly cycle of:

Sunday 1000 calories (today 976)
Monday 900 cals 
Tuesday 800 cals 
Wednesday 500cals 
Thursday 800 cals
Friday 900 cals
Saturday 600 cals
... just in case you were wondering, I just made this up. Whatever - it can't hurt can it? 

My weight will begin with my official weigh-in as of tomorrow morning (I will log this tomorrow morning). 

The goal is 60kgs. (I estimate my weight to be at 69kg right now).

I have 82 days to do it. 

So averaging that I need to lose just under 1kg a week. I can do this. I will also do some form of physical activity every two days either kettlebell or a short 15 minute run. I CAN DO THIS. 

Today I have had 976 cals and I burnt 556 snowboarding for 90 mins. 

I will report back on my weight tomorrow morning and for shits and giggles, I'm going to do my measurements too. I need to get this back on track. I can do this.

My reward to myself is going to be THREE victoria secret bikinis for thailand... since that is what I will be living in for 2 whole wonderful weeks! :D 

Love & Determination
Xo Xo

p.s. FUCK. YEAH. Grrrrrr >.< #zerointentions 


K. said...

Sounds like a good plan. I love snowboarding and really regret not going to the mountains in December, I hope to have time for it this winter.

Ashley Nichole said...

We all have our weight going up and down; especially around the holidays.

That's not a bad thing, just means we can do more in the New Year!