Sunday, April 21, 2013


Right, so as the weekend rolled around I thought that it was best to stay in and not drink. You know - responsible, but queue my apparent Friday ritual which is a binge. It was awful, but whatevs. I have a black tie thing on Tuesday for work which I'd like to look super fly for so I decided to only eat apples until then. But then on Saturday I went round to Monikas house and got absolutely horrendously fucking drunk and god. This is so embarassing. That guy from my birthday totally gave me bat. Told me that I couldn't 'stay the night' because he had started seeing a new girl. OMG. I could die. I'm never going back to her house ever again. EVER. Again. I'm so annoyed as well, because... I dunno. Even though I don't want him, what the fuck is wrong with me that he didn't want to date me? You know? Anyway, so then at midnight I decided to go home and I missed the last tube home and had to take the nightbus which took two hours. 

Today, I feel like ass. And it was the London marathon, so we went to watch because two of our friends ran in it. Dudes - I want to start training to do the marathon next year. I think I can do it - I mean - 26 miles? No big. Monika was also happily snapping away and I just know that I am going to look like a nasty whale in all the pics. Not least of which because I am a fat piggy and i was wearing a tank top - It isn't going to be pretty. 

I've decided that my current plan of just eating once a day is not working - so I need to change up my dinners a bit and not eat carbs for dinner. So I think what I'll do is chicken or tuna for dinner when I get home and fruit during the day. Hopefully that will be... ooooOO or soup. I could totally vibe some soup... mmm... I need to go get the stuff though, but carrying it home is always such a ballache. Why can't this be easy. GODDAMMIT! 

Peace & Fat
Xo Xo


NeoHippie said...

I've really been into soup lately. Roasted red pepper and tomato is sooo good. I buy a reduced calorie/fat version and it's still really good. Have fun at the black tie events. I love getting dressed up and feeling fabulous for the night!

Ashley Nichole said...

I do happen to love this post! I can't believe that guy though, he is really missing out on something great, but let him. You are powerful and wonderful so it will all be his loss in the end.

I would avoid that house like the plague, maybe it's haunted or something. If Monika asks say you saw a ghost and you don't want it to haunt you anymore!

Good luck with the diet, sometimes it is the things you want that are hard to stick to, especially when there is so many tastier foods in the kitchen just screaming out your name at the top of their tiny foody lungs!


ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

my weekend ritual is to eat 50% more than i did the day before and it keeps on adding up as the weekend goes on
Saturday is like a nightmare and a trifecta of a shit tonne of food
you always look super fly
shitttt only apples? are you joking Piggy
"26 miles? no big."
i can't walk for 5 miles much less 26!
you were wearing a tank? hot.
souppp <3
i wanted to say your diet is really monochrome like but that's coming from the person that thinks 5 a day is apparently 5 portions of simple glucose, fat and salt
-Sam Lupin

Judith Marie said...

Oh hun, a marathon? I salute you, I really do. The most I've run is a half marathon and I've felt SO TIRED by the end. I swear the last 7 kilometers is like, pure torture. I was only running to make the ordeal end faster. Mind you, I did a half marathon without any training at all...which, come to think of it, was an incredibly dumb thing to do. So I'm sure that with a bit of training, you will be able to do a marathon. Imagine how fit and skinny you will be after training for a marathon!

katie bell said...

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