Monday, April 22, 2013

Black Tie Tuesday...

So tomorrow is my black tie event and I'm not going to lie, I look like an absolute HEIFER in my black dress. But I'm hoping that's just because of all the tea and tuna salad that I had for lunch. Today I've had about 800 cals which isn't bad. I'm too scared to weigh myself. Tomorrow though is a three course meal. I have decided that I'm not eating any carbs. No matter what the dinner is - no carbs, no cheese, no fat. So it shall be fabulous, but considering that the event is 235 pounds per ticket - I'm assuming that the food will be more protein heavy light and fabulous than heavy stodgy carb food. I need to try on my dress again tomorrow morning just to make sure that I can actually fit into it. I fit into it tonight, even though it was a bit snug. I still look like a heifer. I really want some laxies :( . NO PIGGY NO! I'm really hoping that my office cutie is going so that I can fllirt shamelessly with him... Here's to hoping. Also, today my boss told me that I am doing a really good job, because I am actually on schedule with my conference. Which apparently is not something that people do in their first cycle - so all in all things are going well. Except for the fact that I am a huge disgusting Piggy. Okay - but here is the plan - tomorrow - only tea and coffee all day. At the dinner. 2 glasses of white wine to make sure that I keep it classy, don't have a hangover and minimum calories. Also, no carbs or fat of any variety. So if it is on the plate don't eat it or take it off. None of that. I'm sure that I can do this. I've got such a long day tomorrow since I need to go in early and finish my document that I didn't get done today. So tomorrow I am going to be away from home for... 18 hours at least. And Wednesday, I've got a conference thing in the morning so that will be another really early day. Kicking ass and taking names. I want to try and fast on Wednesday. My goal for this week is to not do the Friday binge. And to succeed at the event tomorrow. Fuck dudes. Will post my weight tomorrow - I doubt it is going to be even under 65. I'm such a fat failure. *cry* 

Fat & Failure
Xo Xo


Ashley Nichole said...

The event sounds wonderful! I hope you have a good time and look fabulous in your black dress while keeping it classy!

NeoHippie said...

Have an awesome time flirting with the office cutie! haha! I'm sure you'll rock that dress!