Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brewing On A Thought

This isn't really anything related to my normal trend of thought on this blog, but it's something that has been stewing for a while in my head... I struggle with the idea of working for a living and the daily grind. The idea that one works hard and exhausts oneself in the pursuit of money - the idea that one can potentially never be happy working. Then I'm confronted with the conundrum of what I learnt while I was working from home for a year - which is that one needs a daily purpose to prevent the despair and depression that comes along with ambling through life. 

I wonder sometimes if the purpose of having a job is greater than just earning money and going to work because one HAS TO - the idea that as humans, in all our glorious flaws, HAVE to have a purpose towards which we have to strive in order to feel fulfilled. I think maybe this may mean different things for different people - money, actual career or work... I dunno. 

Then going back to the original conflict, the idea that we go to work are told how to dress, when to arrive and leave, when to eat and have no say in our peers around us, yet we are told that we are free... in democracy. We are not free... Then, you have the Heideggers school of thought that freedom isn't the absence of restraint. I don't know. 

Does this make any sense? When I'm sitting on the tube home in the evenings feeling exhausted and stressed out I sometimes think about why I do this to myself and whether it is actually necessary for me to put myself through this daily... but then - do I actually need it? Am I a slave to my own need to be busy? 

I don't know if I am making any sense. 

Peace & Love
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Kay said...

I often times think about this, confusing subject but I debate it a lot in my own head.
I think you're making sense. Sometimes I wonder why I'm working so hard, why I'm going to school, why do i do all of these things?
I guess my idea is knowing that i'll be a nurse when I'm done with school and being able to work with kids and take care of the sick ones, is a really good goal, I think it will make my life meaningful in more ways than just money.
I think its important to love what you do, so you don't get depressed in the monotonous everyday life.


cursum perficio said...

I got out of the grind due to disability, but man, when I was in it... I existed, but I certainly did not live. I didn't do what what fulfilled me, but what was expected of me and I was MISERABLE.

Sar said...

Fascinating post. I too struggle with wanting money and the things/experiences it can buy versus having the free time that comes with working less (part time, unemployed, etc. I like having time. I like having money. So I think the solution (at least for me) is to work less than 40 hours per week at a place I tolerate. I cannot feel morally opposed to the business practices. I cannot work with a lot of others. I need windows and doors, and space. Creativity. Appreciation. I have changed jobs a lot searching for this and defining what "this" is for me. I currently work in a (very) small private practice as the office manager. The pay could be better, but there is opportunity for raises and travel and I have a bit of autonomy so for now I am content. I absolutely agree with what you said about needing a purpose/reason to get out of bed and start the day. Thanks for a great topic to read about. Hope you find what you're seeking. :-)