Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Motivation Comes From Strange Places

Today's motivation came in the form of the trip to Atlantic City - basically, I have to go convince a tiny industry of around 1000 people to spend money on our project - about a quarter of a million pounds worth. Today's motivation therefore comes from the fact that the majority of the people in the industry are middle aged men. This of course means that I need to stand out. Power dress if you will. The plan is therefore to go get a sexy fucking wardrobe. I'm basically going to make sure that I look classy hot for two days. The joy of course is that I need to have as flat a stomach as possible before that. Now, I'm not convinced that the working out is helping, but I kinda think it is. Anyway, so I've yet to miss a workout, today is no exception - although I've got to still do it. I did also say that I'm going to do a before and after - and I promise I still will. I'll do it on Sunday regardless of what I look like - promise :)

Today's intake has been fine (considering I still need to workout) - Coffee (130), soup (210), pomegranate (50), beans and cheese on mash (400), yoghurt (100) andddd some hot chocolate, which I'm still to drink (100) - 990 for the day. The workout will be around 300 cals burned, so I'm okay. Still not weighing myself. 

I hope I don't become obsessed with working out, but knowing how much I hate exercising, it seems unlikely. 

Love & Kettlebells
Xo Xo 


Katie Elizabeth said...

I don't think your motivation is coming from somewhere strange. I can't wait to see before and after pics =)

Kay said...

Can't wait to see before and after pics!
I need to do more weight lifting exercises to gain muscle, I do cardio, running and tennis, which keeps me in shape, but I have like, no muscle or abs or anything of that sort haha.