Friday, September 12, 2014

Still Not Weighing

Yeah, so I still have not stepped on a scale in absolute age, but the funny thing is, I haven't binged either. I technically haven't binged in two weeks - I haven't had a big intake (more than 1500) since last week Saturday. So actually, I'm doing well. My intake for today has been somewhere in the region of 1000 which consisted of a salad for lunch, tiny bowl of olive tapenade pasta for dinner, a pudidng cup, coffee with honey and two skinny hot chocs. I haven't worked out today, but am quite stiff from yesterday's workout. I've got another one to do tomorrow. I'm still really confused about how this is all going down... would be interested to hear from anyone who maybe has found the same thing? At the same time when I post my before-and-after kettlebell pic, which will be next Sunday, I'm going to weigh too. I'm really hoping the results will look good. 

Tell me why it helps to not weigh in? Tell me why I feel more in control by not weighing?

I am so confused. 

In Control & Confused
Xo Xo

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Kay said...

You feel better about not weighing because You are listening to your body and how you feel rather than letting your mood be dictated by a number.