Monday, January 5, 2015

Kayla Itsines - Are You In?

When I was waiting for my flight in Dublin airport last week Friday, I stumbled across Kayla Itsines Instagram page... oh. my. god. How have I never heard of this miracle worker before? Then to my amazement and surprise, she had a challenge which started in 3 days... all I needed to do was get the ebooks and commit to 12 weeks of hardcore grafting and according to her blog, I could have the bikini body that I've always wanted. 

So I asked my bestie to join me... she is my overweight friend from Cape Town who I love and adore, but whom I am worried will drop dead of a heart attack at 35. I took to facebook and got 3 more friends involved. So here I am. Instagram kayla_itsines and look at the results for yourself. It's only 12 weeks. 

Now let  me tell you - the diet is super strict and more cals than any of us are used to (I'm going to cut out the snacks to lower the cal count mind you, but do the clean eating in the correct portion sizes) - today I've had 703 cals. 

I also did the first day of the workout, I thought I was going to pass out. I don't have all the equipment. I quit smoking, I am not drinking till after the 12 weeks. Fuck, this will be intense, it's only 12 weeks and I've got nothing to lose. The workout was fucking tough though, let me tell you. 

Drop me an email and I'll send you through the ebooks for Kayla Itsines for free - it's a nutrition guide and the 12 week workout plan. #thekaylamovement is only for 12 weeks, the results speak for themselves and until it doesn't work after I've given it my 100%, I shan't doubt it. 

74 days to Thailand, which means my last week will be in Thailand, but I am determined to give this 100% for 12 weeks. It's only 12 weeks... 

Who's in?

Love & BBG
Xo Xo

p.s. No fucking regrets. 


Capitolina M. said...

I'm interested in this challenge. My email is

Let's see the results in 12 weeks!

LeeTiger28 said...

I'm also interested in this challenge! My email is!
<3 Lee

Charlie said...

I'm definitely interested! My email is, if you wouldn't mind sending them!
I've been stalking her Instagram for like the past fifteen minutes, holy crap!


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ│͍͢⃝Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│❀✿ ⱴ⁄ said...

I know her the minute that you mentioned her in your blog post. I just spend half the time looking at her page and saying "yeah, no way in hell i'll ever look like that."

damn. I guessed as much about the clean eating thing. send it to me and i'll have a look at it. i want to know before i commit.


either way, wishing you luck! *w*

-Sam Lupin

Jinkx said...

I'm in! please please! Not really sure I can stick to anything for 12 weeks but I'll try :)

Lila said...

Very interested :) email is

Karen McCoy said...

im interested as i need to get on shape and stop eating shit, my email is, thank you!

meinalltagsleben said...

I'm in!!!! I'm gonna attend a very important wedding!!

Thank you :)))

Lolita said...

I'm game!

Thank you x

Naomi Sora said...

I'm in! >:3
my email is
i know i started later but i will make up for it~

miss_grumpy said...

A few days late, but still: I'm also interested in the challenge :) My email is

LisaRoberts said...

im interested !!!! id love a copy of these ebooks!
my email is

many thanks i know I'm a little late reading this

Josefine Oehlenschläger said...

Me too!!!

misschristine007 said...

I would love to check it out! thanks!

Alexandria Hiatt said...

I would love to try this challenge out. Please send me copies if you could so I can check them out! Thank you!

Sword Ship said...

OMG please.I have really been wanting to do this! I would love a link sent to . Let's share results!