Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Coming To You From The Victoria Line

So three things of significance happened in the last 24 hours and the fourth happened last week, but I'll tell you about it now. 

1. I BROKE 64! I am now 63.9kg despite eating what I thought was a lot yesterday. As I've decided to provisionally stop at 62, I'm pleased about that. I think my bmi is somewhere around 20 now and that's MARVELOUS. Two random people called me skinny in the last few days, so that's really great. (Ones exact words were skinny little blondie - not little, but I'll take it.) 
2. I got my period yesterday, which is wonderful for two reasons - one is that I had a very irresponsible hookup with a beautiful ginger man a few weeks back and was convinced I was preggo. Shocking, whatever. The other and more important reason is that I hope I'm carrying a couple extra lbs of water weight. I hope I hope. 
3. I got asked out by another beautiful ginger, this one being a 25 year old, tall, ITALIAN! A tall, ginger, Italian - for those of you know Italians, that is just not the profile of men that come from there. They are usually short and dark. He's also really nice, so I'm excited. And for all the single ladies of blogger, he's offered a Friday night - no one goes on a first date on Friday nights. It's prime weekend real estate! So it either means he's convinced he's getting some (he doesn't seem that arrogant) or he's a genuinely nice guy. I am choosing to believe the latter and if it is the former, we all know that this Piggy doesn't take shit. 
4. And this happened last week - I decided not to see Colbey and blocked him, after telling him off. 

Thanks for the comments as always, specifically A and Sammy - you guys are pretty insightful. I also am aware that I bitch non-stop about men - I'm not that vapid... 

I'm going to a comedy night tonight, the one I'll be performing at next week to check out my competition. Still butt nervous. 

It's a million degrees in London today and I'm sitting on the tube writing this, it's marvvvvvv! 

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Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 


Niqi said...

I hope you enjoy comedy night! I find comedy nights fantastic:)
Good luck on your date Friday! I hope it goes well !
Finally congrats on being okay with your weight. That's such a hard thing to do and shows such progress.

Nada said...

ahhh, so happy for you. hope you have a blast!!