Monday, July 25, 2016

Is It Possible To Be THIS Grumpy?

Today, I'm just in a horrible mood. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm massively stressed out about work - we just aren't hitting milestones that we need to. *stress* 

I also feel like my friends are being a bit shit at the moment, very self-involved and I want them to ask me about my life sometimes. And actually care when I give an answer about something. This whole weekend was talking about other people. I'm meant to do this standup thing on Wednesday, I'm not prepared. I think I'm gonna cancel. 

I went on a date with Ivan, the Italian. And it was strangely perfect. Two problems - he is a Christian (I don't have a problem with Christians or anything, it's just an immense philosophical difference that we have - I.e. I generally only date atheists) and the other is that English isn't his first language (but his English is actually pretty good given that fact) - I am however going to give myself a self-therapy moment and tell myself that no two people are exactly perfect and that it isn't the end of the world if he is slightly different from the picture of a perfect man. 

This is also going to sound maybe a bit shallow, but he is SO hot - his body is honestly perfect. Like Tarzan - long and muscular. It's like... Damn. I'm meant to be seeing him tomorrow and I'm a little excited, I mean he's a super nice, kinda fun, passionate Italian. And he doesn't mind that I'm bossy. 

On Friday morning, my weight was 63.3. And then I had two and a half days of immense eating, so I'm not weighing myself until at least Wednesday. I'm sure I will have gained, but a few good days of restricting should fix that right up. 

I have another three weeks to get down to 62kg. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 


A said...

Sorry to hear about your mood. Sometime there are just days like that. What always helps me is a relaxing shower/bath.

I love Italian guys! All the ones I've met are really beautiful with the kind of bodies you described. Mhm.
I would advice you to give it a shot, just have fun with him and don't think too much about it. Whatever happens happens.

I've had shitty day eating wise too, but hey, there's always tomorro :)
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Sam Lupin said...

aye, mate, it's very possible to be this grumpy indeed.

date with Ivan? the Italian? he's the ginger, isn't he? didn't someone give up on men a few posts ago? oh, FP, though i do adore you.

"And he doesn't mind that I'm bossy." niiiice.

aye on the immense eating. i weighed myself today and expected the scale to say, "sorry. try again."

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx

hoping that things at work become less hectic soon enough!

-Sam Lupin