Thursday, July 7, 2016

How I Manage To Travel

So yesterday was not a perfect day as far my plan to keep it under 800, in fact I probably had double that amount. The killer was the fact that I had some food left over (!?) from my binge the night before. So it wasn't actually a binge, but whatever. It was more than anticipated. 

Anyway, today will be better. 

I thought I'd talk about my travelling in this post, cuz I do tend to travel a bit more than average (although I wouldn't say a lot, because there are some people I know who leave the country every weekend) - let me also preface this by saying that because I live in London it makes it hella easy to get around the world. A fact that I would miss dearly if I had to leave - which I do plan to do as soon as I get citizenship here. I'm planning to move to Singapore or Dubai (and have sleepovers with Sammy Lupin 😜).

The first thing is my job, I work in conferences and events. I am a content producer for these events. So when you all of the marketing content, agendas, speakers and any other campaign content - I put that together. And essentially because everything in media revolves around content, I project manage all the sales and marketing around the event. So I run about four or five, 300 person events. Now obviously, if you are a company who specialises in digital media, it makes sense you'd do these around the world instead of running six in one country - this is a big competitive space - so because I am the project leader on these things, I have to travel there to run them. I have been very fortunate in the (many) jobs that I've had that I have worked globally. 

My job is certainly not easy and it isn't for the feint hearted, it's risky and a fuck up costs a lot of money. But, over the years I've become quite good at it so I get these cool new projects to work on. 

This year upcoming I'll be in New York twice and San Francisco (to visit Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc - jealous yet? 😘). 

So that's how I manage to travel for work and so far it's taken me from Nigeria to San Diego and maybe places in between. Travelling for work isn't an unheard of thing these days and generally you just have to look around for a job that has this as a requirement. I will also say, be careful what you wish for - around this time last year, I was burnt out and tired from having so many trips back to back. 

My upcoming trips are just cuz I love doing them. I love to travel alone. There is a world of backpackers out there who just want to have fun and party - my MO. It is scary in the beginning, but I swear it's worth it. Find a party hostel, get a few drinks and speak to strangers. Interrupt conversations, play beer pong and get sloppy. 

That in a nutshell, my dear friends is how I travel. I will say that I have a particular attitude in life - because I am reckless and irresponsible - what is the worst that can happen? 

I am always very confident that I can look after myself no matter what the circumstance and I know all the bullshit of my life has made me strong - so things like Egypt, I'm not scared. World - do your worst. 

(And Sammy, I'm dying to come to Bahrain - it's gonna happen! I have sworn off men many times, you only fail when you stop trying right? *big cheesy grin*) 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 


Sam Lupin said...

if you're doing Dubai, you'd be having sleeopvers with my sister. ;) well, close enough. she's studying in Sharjah. the distance is 31 minutes according to Google.

your job is insane. i don't know how you do it.

i'm very jealous, but i also see how work could go from being brilliant to be STRESSFUL AS HELL.

"I will say that I have a particular attitude in life - because I am reckless and irresponsible - what is the worst that can happen?" very true.

aye, you do only fail when you stop trying. and if you do come to Bahrain, i can take you to the pictures and have dinner with you. that's just about it for excitement. though they do go-karting a lot here (i've never tried it myself) and some of the blokes i know are well into horse riding... but with me, you'd probably be doing nothing interesting or amazing! i can ensure you'd try a lot of wacky stuff though. in regards to food anyway ;)

-Sam Lupin

Eve said...

I'm very jealous! Living in the US, you can't exactly take a weekend getaway because your options are Canada or Mexico or maybe Alaska, which is still the US but it feels like Antartica as far as I'm concerned. My life as a therapist in training is not so glamorous. Plenty of beautiful break through moments and plenty of times you feel like an idiot burnt out piece of shit but hey, a life passion is a passion right? I've traveled out of the country three times: first time Greece, second time Colombia, third time Germany/Poland/Czech Republic. My first trip was an art history class with maybe 20 people, the second was me and a friend of mine that lived in Colombia, and the third time was another sort of class trip for funsies, but it was about 30 or 35 of us and they were mostly young partiers so it kind of just threw off why I wanted to go, being that it was Holocaust History. I don't know if I'm quite ready to jump on the travel alone wagon, but I would like to travel with the bf. This young husband and wife were doing that, six months in South America and six in Europe, sold their house and quit their jobs for the year. I thought that was pretty ballsy as I tend to miss the comforts of home after a few weeks and my pup. Also free restaurant water and free bathrooms *Thank you America*. I think everyone should leave their home country (not cop out to Mexico or Canada hear lol) and get out of their comfort zone. You learn a lot about yourself by being uncomfortable, lonely, and nervous-but you also are exposed to some beautiful and amazing things.