Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Exhaustion

This week has been fucking rough and it's only 60% complete. Lorrrrrrd, give me strength. 

I had this crazy board meeting on Tuesday which basically stressed me back into insomnia and then despite my complete lack of sleep, met with the Italian on Tuesday night for an outdoor movie. (Basically, they put a massive screen up in the park and show an old movie - this one was My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which is the monologue of my law degree.) The Italian and I then had a closing cocktail, by which point I was unable to keep my hands off him any longer. 

So that led to me getting an Uber home at 2am and another night of less than 4 hours sleep. And a mild hangover which led to a bit of excessive chocolate consumption yesterday, my weight this morning was 64.1kg. I'm sure though that some of this is food weight. I will see tomorrow. I'm gonna try for a solid 600 days today. 

Other than the stress at work that is driving me a bit nuts, it's just over a month till New York and two weeks till Egypt. Things are fast approaching. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo 

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Screaming Willow said...

There's no way I could function on so little sleep. lol Kudos to you...

Hope the rest of your week speeds by. :)