Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big Fat Failure

Well today started off well. I have successfully managed to replace normal milk with soy milk and I actually like it? I don't know why the fuck I haven't tried this before. AMAZEBALLS! Then this morning I was up super super early, because I had to organise some people to do flyer drops at traffic lights. SO LAME! IT was also shit hot today. Like HOT HOT HOT. At 9am, I thought I was going to die. Anyway, so at about 11am I had a bunch of grapes - fine because I'm doing the fruit fast. Then at about 4pm, I had a mango, because I went to work and I was going to not eat at work. BUT THEN, one of the chefs made me salmon roses, which I ate and I got some chicken and nan take away. I ate some of the nan when I got home, I brought the food home for the boy. SO YES, I failed miserably today. But, tomorrow will be better I am sure.

The boy and I are in a weird space right now. It feels just like it did in the beginning... i.e. very much in love. Except, I am trying so hard not to cling. Old habits die hard though I guess.

The house thing is going well, my one housemate is such a freakin weirdo though. Fuck sakes. He is super religious and has quite a belly. But he also talks and talks and talks. And if you move onto another topic, not about him, then he reverts back at the first given opportunity. He also started telling me about his ex, who amongst other things, is still married and used to have very loud screaming orgasms. I mean - OVERSHARE MUCH!?

I didn't even weigh myself today, but something tells me it is time to face the music. Tomorrow shall be a vegan day. Yes we can. Vegan fruit fast - vegan referring to the lack of cows milk which has been taken out my diet. I am quite excited about this soy milk thing, because I was expecting to hate it. Which I TOTALLY don't.

Love & Respect
Xo Xo


Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

Soy milk is so much nicer! And rice milk. Good thing I prefer them being lactose intolerant hehe. You probably should weigh to know where you are xx

Beth said...

Don't give up now, babe. I have a support system for you on my blog.

<3 stay strong.

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

that's not so bad. <3
and soy milk is yummy. :3
salmon roses sound really cool. i'll Google that. OMG - those look so decorative. :3
wow. his oversharing is good though. sounds like something i'd talk about - and woot for vegan day!
-Sam Lupin
PS. currently, i'm finding it too hard to give up honey to have a vegan day.

The Corner Girl said...

Try buying Soy Creamer!! It's seriously 10x tastier than real cream and you only need a TEENSY bit in coffee for it to have this delicious nutty creamy flavour. I find it in the organic/health aisle :) stay strong!

Mandane Sweeten said...

I love the chocolate soy milk. Soo good! Even the texture is better.