Sunday, January 22, 2012

I just wish it would get better...

I know, two posts in one day. Whatevs. I managed to not do too badly today. I had pasta (around 400 cals) and some hummus and cucumber. So I think I had around 600 today. Not too bad. I mean it could have been a fast. Anyway. So here's to hoping for a loss tomorrow. I want to be 55 by the end of February. I miss my ex so much. It has taken all my willpower to not text him today. Jesus. But I will get over him. I think the first two weeks are going to be bad and then after that it will be okay. So I think if I prepare myself for it being super shitty for the next two weeks, I'll be okay - you know. And I am also making a resolution to not have sex with anyone unless I'm dating them. No more one night stands! I told my housemate about my ED and I feel like every time I eat or he knows that I am eating he is going 'I thought you have an eating disorder but you're stuffing your face you fat little piggy' - god now telling people about it is causing more anxiety. Fuck my life. Have any of you seen a show called Archer? It is blowing my mind from amazingness. Love & Archer Xo Xo


Sara Schomburg said...

I'm sure he's not thinking that. :)
I'm sorry you're having a tough time getting over your ex, but you're strong. You've got this.:)

FatBitch said...

Oh shit. Yeah, I told a friend too. Right after I threw up the breakfast we had gotten when we were out to eat. Fucking awkward. It's not even that weird, though, right? So it's fine. She's fine. We're fine. Et cetera. The end.

I hope things feel better about your ex soon. That really blows, girl. Distance and time does it for me usually. But OCD makes the whole thing really fucking painful.