Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Collaging & SUCCESS!!

My internet has been down all day so now I have been reduced to blogging from my phone, because I feel like my absence is bullshit and I need to be more committed. :) Today has finally been a reasonably successful day and I must admit - it feels fucken great after the last two weeks of disgusting fat eating. Hoping that tomorrow I will be below 60. All I had to eat today was one piece of prawn nigiri, two slices of cheese, some grapes and a mango. Definitely below 500. I saw an article last night about how Angelina Jolie only eats 600 cals a day and I was like - SHIT! I can do that! So yes, feeling good about today - finally I proved I still have willpower. I have been wondering lately - I read one of your lovely blogs. Sorry let me just pause here to say that I read so many blogs and I smoke so much that I forget the names of them. I know the personal details of peoples lives but when I get an idea I often can't remember where I got it from. No disrespect of course, but the point is I'm going to get better and post the links to those blog posts so that whoever reads this can read them too. Anyway, so I saw a blog post where the darling was saying she needs to reevaluate who here female role models are (she actually also said something about how Lauren Conrad is not gonna cut it anymore - if any of you know who this is please mention it) and I started wondering who mine are. I could never pick a hollywood star because I like to think I'm more into humans than glamour. No offence. Someone like Margeret Thatcher or Aaun San Suu kyi. Like the Nelson Mandelas of women. Anyway so it just me thinking because I just don't know who my female role models are. I dunno. Anyway - so I decided for Valentines Day I am going to make the boy a collage. I have been thinking of making one for quite some time but I really just don't know how. So I am going to google it as soon as my fucken dickbitch internet starts working again. And the pic is of two hands making a heart shape. Which is something we always used to do and then we called it "Rainbow Carebear Love" - think carebears people where that little one had heart shaped rainbows coming out of his chest... But I digress. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I try to remember the questions so I can answer or reply but as I said, I forget. We don't technically have sizes 2/4 here but for the benefit of most of the people that read this shit I occasionally refer things in their metric units because I'm too lazy to put both units there and since I grew up stateside, my mind works in both ways. I'm so stoned all I want to do is eat - but I won't! Love & Paper Xo Xo


loveylou said...

Lauren Conrad is a girl that was on 'The Hills' she was one of the main stars! here is her a link to her site: http://www.laurenconrad.com/
I guess now shes some fashion blogger, I never kept up with it.

Jinx UnRiddled said...

omg, thanks for reminding me of valentines day! I've never had a valentine before, but this year I actually hav a boyfriend! hahaha, good luck xx

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

blogging on a BB sucks. everything's in Chinese in my BB. don't say it. xD.
awesome for an intake below 500 calories. what the hell is a prawn-
oh. i won't ask. xD.
Angelina Jolie sucks donkey ass. :3
i have no female role models. all of mine are male. :D considering i want to look like a guy, i should have male thinspo/inspo/role models.
last V-day, i actually had a girl. now, she's away from me. *sighs* so yes. i'm taking all of you girls out on V-day. oh my God. the amount of statuses i'm gonna be laughing my ass at.
:3 awesome. <3
and let's hope for below 60. now, you hope for me to be below 69,5kg tomorrow. xD. i'm like 69,6kg right now, but below 69,5...is like getting past another mini-plateau. you know when you get to a certain weight that your body deems as 'unnatural', it just wants you to eat. hence the 'fat eating'. ;)
-Sam Lupin
PS. i think i told you that before.
PSS. fuck it.