Sunday, January 15, 2012


Last night I went out and got hammered ass drunk. Now listen, I am talking about SO drunk. I went out with this friend of mine to this very young student club down the road from where I live. I already had a bong and about four glasses of wine by the time I got there. So I was pretty on my way. We ended up sitting chatting to the owner of the club and his 42 (!!!!!) year old friend in this club while they were buying us drinks. Oh my jeez. Anyway, there was this fairly hot jock boy that tried to hit on me and when I gave him bat he turned around and started calling me fat. He said that her and I were lesbians (which made me giggle) - and that I am sitting there with my fat thighs hanging out. I know he was talking shit and just trying to push the buttons he knows for girls, but fuck - it was shit to hear. Fat Piggy was all of a sudden sitting on that couch - not slim piggy. Anyway.

This morning I was SOOOO fucking hungover. In a way that I am pretty sure I was still drunk when I woke up. And I am in the process of finding another digsmate for our house and a couple came to look at the room - omg. I wanted to die. ANYWAY.

So the boy got back from Durban today. This afternoon. Which was fuck amazing. But after I got up - feeling so shit - and you know when you are hungover - food. It happens. I managed to only eat four small chilli poppers and a bowl of Special K with soy milk (SOY MILK - my new favourite thing - so nutty and yummy and awesome - AMAZEBALLS!). But with all the booze... Anyway so as soon as I got to my moms house it was a muffin and two rice cakes with cheese and a little sweet chilli sauce.

Then - my mom started clearing her cupboard and let me tell you my mom has a LOT of nice and expensive clothing. She has also put on quite a bit of weight, so her size 4 jeans - all of them, don't fit anymore. WHICH IS AESOME!!! So I got loads of awesome free good quality clothing. And let me tell you. For someone who has recently lost a lot of weight, I don't have anything that fits. And now I have loads. The size 4 is still a little too big. Like, I think based on what I tried on today I am definitely a size 2. WHICH IS AWESOME!!!!!!! Anyway, so I got atleast 5 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of trousers, 10 skirts, dresses, tops jerseys. OMG. It is so amazing. I don't need to spend money that I don't have on clothes anymore.

Anyway, so I also had an interesting thing where I have realised that I am actually shit anxious about going to the supermarket. Like, I get so overwhelmed by all the food and choices and what I want to eat, but what I would NEVER buy or eat that I just get like two things and then freak out and leave. So I took the boy with me to the supermarket and we bought food together. Unbelievable. I did buy some unhealthy stuff. Like crisps and chocolate, but on the whole, it was healthy and good.

I need to start a new diet, because I am not losing at the moment because my willpower is gone. Suggestions? Anyway, sorry I haven't been commenting, I have been reading. And always welcome to my new followers - 206 followers!? And everyone is so lovely and supportive and amazing. If you find new blogs, please let me know so I can read.

Love & Levis
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Sara Schomburg said...

Damn. Hangovers suck ass.
Ohmygod I love free/cheap clothing!!!!! Seriously, I might be addicted to thrift stores....
Whenever I'm with my boy I always eat more/less healthy than I would normally. He's sort of my weakness...haha

As for a new diet...I don't know if you've heard of Jenna Marbles but she makes videos on youtube and in one of them she talks of her diet which consists of fruit smoothies for breakfast, salad for lunch, and something like steamed vegetables for dinner. For snack she has fruit and for beverages she has water or tea. This might be too much food for you, I'm not sure, but I'm going to try it out..

Stay beautiful. ♥

Atty said...

Whoo size 2!! I'm so happy for you!! And free shit is always amazing

Cryotaneko said...

I wish I was a size 2!!!!!! I know your goal is 0 and all but I would be pretty damn proud going from a 4 to a 2 ;D Good work girl!
And I wish I could fit my mom's old clothes.n

By All Means said...

Size 2 is awesome!and tons of free clothes is always the best. And yea, i hate hangovers, but honestly i could so use a night out drinking right now haha

Rhianna said...

Size 2! Fuck yeah!
Well done sweetie.

Free clothes are definately the best! 1. you dont have to buy them 2. you dont have to go the store and try them on feeling like a fat ass.

They definately win!

With my diet...I find planning is the key, i plan my meals at the start of the week and have a cook up day and just freeze them all.
I dont have to think about it.
I also dont leave cash spare so I dont go buy binge food when im upset...

Stay strong =)

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

bastard. fat piggy my ass. joking or not - he must go down!
soy milk is sexy. oh my God. you guys - when you're hungover, you eat people, so that's really good!
a size. fucking. 2?!?!?! you thin bitch! i am fucking jealous! i have never even seen singular digits on my clothing. xD. the lowest pants size i've gotten to is a 10!
supermarket shopping is a nightmare for me. i buy and binge on everything. and then i feel guilty, so i purge.
hmm. just try cutting down from what you're eating right now to ease back into it? that always helps me, especially when i'm in binge mode. x3.

-Sam Lupin

Anonymous said...

Size 2?! Awesomeness :D
That's great! Free clothes?! Yes please!
I'm going back and forth between 2 diets at the moment so I'll let you know if they work or not.

debauch3ry said...

I didn't know we got size 2's and 4's in South Africa? Unless you're converting into American sizes?

There's something so romantic about grocery shopping together :) You're so lucky!

I've found that eating a piece of fruit or a bit of salad before every meal means that I full up on the good low calorie stuff first and eat less of the rubbish

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I hate it when guys pull the fat comments out because you're not interested in them. Urgh, way to go from feeling sexy to unsexy in a word! But a 2 is so teeny tiny; you'd fit my new jeans perfectly and not 'packed in there tighter than a German sausage' as my charming friend told me. But yay for all the free clothes! Especially because they fit or are too big rather than too small :) xx