Monday, January 23, 2012

I am never eating again. EVER!

Bullshitty balls man. I don't know why but I'm just so fucking fat. Okay I know why. Because I got hungry and ate like a fat piggy. I've had a cheese sandwich, some vegan chilli con carne with rice. I also had a small piece of smoked chicken and a honey latte with skim milk. So much food :( Yesterday I kept it lowish. But today it's horrible. Luckily I don't have any weed to make me eat more. Thank god. All I want is to cuddle my ex. I sent the boy from friday a facebook message to apologise for the bullshit that happened. Maybe he'll fb me back and we'll live happily, but obviously not. Anyway. Not eating anymore today, I've already had too much. Fml. Love & Peace Xo Xo


loveylou said...

Try your best to just let it go, that's all you can do at this point and I don't want to encourage purging...
Tomorrow is a new day. Breathe Deep. You Can do it. One day without food. It's just one day. You are strong. Stronger than food. We can do this together!
Love Always,

Christina said...

This will pass, you'll get through it. Don't panic. :)


HeatherMB said...

I know how that is darling
When I start eating I dont stop
Id like to just not eat in general.
Maybe ur ex will respond
Anything can happen, N you will get to your goal weight. Everything will work itself out.
stay strong darling <3

Marla Singer said...

gee, I know what you mean about weed, it aaalways ruins my diets.
about your boyfriend, I kow it's hard but you shouldn't have to depend on anyone!

Here for you if you need it :)