Thursday, September 20, 2012

Naked Thinspo v2.0

Wow, I haven't posted thinspo in age-balls. But here is some of my favourite kind, the naked kind. I feel the need to say however that I don't like this because I'm a big ol' perve. This to me is real, because it is what I want to see when I look in the mirror. None of us aspire to be skinny in clothes only. We want to know that when you strip down the layers, the skinny is there. How amazeballs is that second pic though? This gives me a better idea of what I am striving for, because in magazines they airbrush out the ribs and the hips, so it isn't real. This on the other hand, you can see what your body is meant to look like when you are a size zero. Just saying. Going to post properly later after the day is done, because i'm going to friend now and I'm determined to report back about how I didn't eat shit while I was there. 


FFAgirl said...

love the pics. and be strong. cant wait to hear about how you didnt eat :)

Din Mamma said...

There's nothing pervy about the naked body; it's in the watcher's eye. These photos are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Completely agree, it's in the watcher's eye.
I want to have a body like this, so bad.
Good luck, kisses!
(Following you, I'm new)

The Lovely Bones said...

I completely agree. Clothes cover everything, I want to be actual skinny, not good at hiding behind clothes skinny.
These girls are amazing, the second picture, just wow.
Take care.

EnHL3 said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH THE FIFTH PIC HOW AWESOME IS THAT...theres absolutely nothing for gravity to pull *grind* oh i wanna be that!!!

Stevie Milligan said...

ew, that's gross! Where are the little A & B cup boobs? The Hips? The Curves? The Smiles? The COLOR? They all look sad, hungry & 1/2 dead. That Should NOT be what you want out of this. I'm sorry.