Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Like Rubber

Omgosh guys, I'm so mutha fucken stiff its insaneballs. I went to a yoga class yesterday for the first time in like... two or three years. And let me tell you, it was also the most awesome yoga class I've been to in the whole time I've been doing yoga. It was challenging. The one I went to before was very standard because it was a big class at a gym. This one is private and we actually did a bunch of really cool poses that are challenging and awesome. Bottomline, it made me feel fucking great. Just insanely great. I'm going again tomorrow morning and would like to try stick to these two classes a week. Also, I'd like to try and practice by myself at home on the weekend, maybe just once so that I can increase my flexibility. Because although I am still pretty limber all things considered, my hamstrings are crazy tight. Anyway, the point is that I am stiff as fuck today. And it feels good. So hopefully, tomorrow will be a similar ass kicking.

Today I weighed myself and considering how much of a pig I am, I'm still 62kgs. Which is about two less than I thought I would be. Today, I've had about 830 calories, which isn't great. But considering that I'm doing my back to basics, consistency rather than a few good days challenge, I think its okay. I am hoping to be back down to 55 in no time. Fuck yeah. Anyway, it consisted of three cups of hot chocolate (yes I know, but it was light and I needed it), 6 rice cakes and low cal, fat free chicken chow mein for dinner. And an apple. Wow, that actually looks like a normalish diet doesn't it? I'm okay with it being that high. And with this whole back to basics thing, I want to try and keep it under 900 as a rule. So I'm not going to freak out too bad. I think the aim should be between 500 and 900. I feel like such a huge fat piggy for writing that number 900!? Are you kidding. BUT okay. Here is Coco logic. We've tried to stay below 500 and it doesn't work for longer than 3 or 4 days at a time maximum. So if eating slightly more per day will stave off those binges, then it should be okay. I think this week, I will aim for the 800s. Next week, aim for the 700s. The week after 600s. You get the idea. So far, I've had three days of 600, 700 and 800 respectively, so I think that actually this is okay. Also, allowing myself to have pasta meals, like a proper meal for dinner has also been really good and promising.

Anyway, I could ramble on forever about nothing. Wow. I'm absolutely exhausted. As I always am. I have work to do, but I'm too tired now, so I'm going to go to sleep and wake up early and get on work then. I hate trying to push out work when I'm tired. Not least of which because I am recommitting myself to doing work properly and not half-arsing it like I have been recently. Got this in the bag.

Love & Light
Xo Xo


Loopy Lucie said...

You have made me want to start yoga. Sounds awesome. Going to see if I have any local classes me thinks xx

Katie Elizabeth said...

It sounds like you have a really good plan ahead of you. I want to do yoga pretty bad, but never really have the time for it without the kids. Hope the work you have to do goes well for you =)

Karina Reynolds said...

I like your plan! Binges kill. :( hopefully this eating a bit more helps you to stay on track. I can't wait to hear of how well it works for you!Congrats on the weight loss.

Breathe~ said...

I love yoga! I wish there was somewhere near me I could go to that did classes.
Good job with the weightloss adn eating ^^
lots of love

Karina Reynolds said...

Breathe! Get a yoga app on your phone, they are super good.

loveylou said...

I've said this once and I"ll say it again, one of the best tricks I've learned is to increase your protein content in your diet!! Still keep your cals at 800, 600, 400 whatever number you decide, but I've found that if 60%-80% of my calories are from a source of protein, I can loose so much more weight. The protein builds muscle, which naturally in itself burns fat, and it keeps you full. 90% of the time when I'm feeling a binge coming on, it's not just because I haven't eaten enough that day, but because I haven't had enough protein.
My favs are fat free cottage cheese w/ hot sauce and veggies for dip, almonds (in moderation 14=100 cals) fat free egg substitutes (like egg beaters, don't know if they have them in the UK though) fat free yogurt etc.
Especially if you're doing all this yoga, keep up your protein content! Yogurts a great option particularly since when you excercise, your muscles secrete acid as they are worked, when you do not have 'proper nutrition' (which lets face it, we rarely do LOL) to neutralize the acid, you get stiff and sore. Yogurt, or any kind of dairy is great to neutralize acid, and give your body some protein to build on.
You've totally inspired me, and a lot of other girls as it looks like, to get started in Yoga again!
Keep up the great work, always here for support and would love to chat with a friend:
love always,
loveylou xx

clare said...

Hello guys, i'm paloma and i love to be skinny i think i'm obsessed with myself , but i like be starving ,and make diets an not eat to lose weight