Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Oh you guys make me, my god do you ever. Some of the comments I get sometimes make me giggle like a schoolgirl, especially Sam. You are a strange young lady, but I'm really glad that I know you. It's one of those things that make having this little rant space that much better - having awesome people to share it with. So thank you all. I do get so despondent about this blog sometimes, like feeling like I don't have enough of a life to write about it here. But I suppose, I am at the tail end of a pretty crazy journey with all of this shit. As long as people continue to read, I'll continue to write. 

So, I suppose, it is high time that I actually reveal my weight. This morning, it was 65.2kgs. Which is ten kgs up from what it was nine months ago. When I started the detox 17 days ago it was 69.4. So in fact - I basically put on almost all the weight I lost over the break up period with the ex. But. Losing about 10lbs in 17 days, is making me hopeful. I am starting to recognise my body again. I only have another 20lbs to go and then I'll be back to where I was. I suppose in theory, another five weeks and i should be there. At the moment, I am aiming for 4lbs a week. Also, so far it is going great. 

Today, I've had... about 520 cals which consisted of 1tbsp of honey, a cup of milk (both for my coffee), two tiny bananas and two eggs. I'm happy with that intake, especially since yesterday turned out to be under 300. I'm hoping to get below 65 tomorrow. I must say though, actually having weight to lose. Like compared to trying to maintain the weight which is what I was doing when I put it all back on again - is a fuckload easier. Having a target and working towards it has definitely helped. I mean, I suppose that when you are at a goal weight you rationalise that one bag of chips isn't going to kill you. When in fact, its only because you've forgotten how to approach food. Once again, I'm completely pedantic about what I eat. I can't wait for my binge day which is in 13 days, although at the moment, I'm not missing that food at all. This detox really has been the best thing I've done in a long time. Carbs and sugar really are devil foods. I think my relationship with food is a lot healthier because of it as well. Because my safe foods don't scare me and I don't get into a little panic guilt trip if I eat them. You know what I mean? 

Triceratops & Pterodactyls 
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Stephanie Ray-leigh said...

hey girl, sorry I haven't commented in so long(:
You're doing so well, I'm a bit jealous~ I hope you're being careful though.

Katie Elizabeth said...

Yay for your awesome weight loss! That's so awesome. And the fact that you are sticking to your detox and not even craving those foods, that's a real achievement. Keep going strong my dear.

Little Miss Thin ♥ said...

I love that picture on the end. Sounds like the detox has sorted your head out xx

Christina said...

Your detox is going so well! Really inspiring. Good luck getting back to where you want to be. x

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

its because like 90% of those comments i mention sex and notice your sx and sex and other things
you are still thinner than me so
slightly but slightly not? does that make any sense
and you're still hot so
-Sam Lupin

Jaed said...

Hey! new-ish follower here :P So lately I have been eating WAY too much junk, and I really want to lose about ten pounds. I am day two of the same detox that you are doing because it sounded like a good idea that wouldn't be to tiring. You are making awesome progress!! Stay strong and thank you very much for you inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

Love the picture!! I seriously want that shirt :P You are doing so well with your detox it's making me want to do it as well! I'll need to go back through your posts and find the guidelines.

Miranda said...

4 lbs a week is awesome! I've never been lucky enough to loose that much weight so quickly. Keep up the good work.

Emily Anonymous said...

It's great how well you're doing! And I agree about sharing your blog with awesome people makes the experience of writing more awesome :)

Rowan said...

Thank you for your last comment. I am glad that the detox is working for you! I miss meeting goals. xx