Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just SO Many Things...

Not least of which, as always. I am a fat miserable disgusting Piggy. I suppose at the end of the day it is my namesake, so I just need to suck it up and accept what I am. My mantra in life continues to be: Let go or be dragged. I'm letting go of everything and still striving towards happiness. I suppose, although I have decided that I will never truly love someone ever again and as a result of that realisation, I have now decided that dating is futile and the only person in this world that you can rely on is yourself. I suppose that is a bit sad, but at the end of the day, I have known what it was like to be in love and that's just over now. There are more important things. 

My eating is still vegan, although I had a little bit of a slip on Tuesday, mostly because I went to a book signing in Piccadilly Circus and ended up having a few beers, which then led to a whole lot of non-vegan junk food. And then yesterday I was vaguely hungover so I vegan-binged. Granted, it isn't as bad as a normal binge but it was a lot of food. Today hasn't been good either, I mean - not awful. But not great. I have managed to keep up my yoga practice. Three sun salutations per day. I know I'm meant to do then at the beginning of the day, but I've been doing them at the end. I've got two final interviews tomorrow - believe it or not. One for a company dealing in renewables, so I will get to stay in the sector and the other with a bigger corporation. For the second, I'm actually being considered for two different roles. Hey, this time tomorrow, I may have been made an offer. :)

I feel lonely today. Sad Piggy :(

Love & Lethargy
Xo Xo

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Miranda said...

I'm feeling quite disgusting myself these days. It really sucks. Best of luck on your interviews.