Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yoga Challenge!

Okay, so the purpose of this post is threefold - the first thing is that i'm still digsuting and fat, however with that being said, I've still managed to stick to my vegan since Wednesday, I think I'm getting in the habit of it. Tomorrow is a family friend's birthday, so I need to be extra vigilant to make sure that I don't cheat. The thing is I suppose that vegan food isn't like super yummy, well most of it, so I'm happy to stick to more normal size portions. Who would've ever thought that veganism would help with my bulimia binges. LOL. Still not ready to post a weight. Will see what it is tomorrow and go from there. Fuck it.

The second thing is that I have decided to yet again start purging friends and I have started with the Polish guy - do you remember him? Basically, he is a fucking user. He seems to think that I am cool and all he ever does is take, take, take. First it is finding out where clubs and bars are for him and his friends to go - do I ever get an invite? No. (Would I go? No, but still.) Then it's making me tour guide for his friends around time and they either arse me around, cancel or try to get in my pants. Fuck. That. Have I mentioned that I am totally off men - call it cock-fright. Whatever. I'll die alone, but at least I won't be disappointed with shitty people anymore. Then it's helping him find another job. It's a thankless job being his friend, but I'm sick of him using me as entertainment. I refuse to have people in my life for the sake of it. 

(In other news, no big. But I have decided to pursue my lifelong dream of fashion. I've bought a sewing machine and I'm going to learn to make clothes. It will just be a hobby, but fuck it. I've always wanted to learn how to make clothes and now I'm finally doing it :). In other, other news, I'm also developing a little OCD habit of keeping my flat clean and spending ages cleaning it. Weird - I'm 26. Fuck it.)

And the third point of this post is about the yoga challenge. Anyone wanna do a yoga challenge with me? So my base goal is to do three sets of sun salutations per day. Basically, I hate exercise, but I don't want to get like curvature of the spine or atrophying muscles, so I'm going to commit to doing this once a day for 30 days. I want to maybe do a little bit more than just the three sets, but for now and for the lazy days, three sets per day. Anyone wanna join? 

That's all really. I mean, it look me about five minutes to do. And while I'm funemployed, I thought it is a great time to develop some healthy grown up habits... well besides the fact that I'm a functional bulimic. Irrelephant!

Peace & Fat
Xo Xo


Erin said...

I'm totally down for yoga challenge, though to be realistic I should probably just commit to 1 round of sun salutation per day cause I need like shockingly easy goals. When do you plan to start?

Alice Kelly said...

I's so down to join in the yoga challenge to. And i absolutely love your blog!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are making lots of fantastic changes in your life. Cut out the things you don't need and pursue what you love, that's great :) Good luck with the veganism and the yoga!
Alice xx