Monday, October 21, 2013

Just Some Shit...

A couple of things that I would like to say in this post... Firstly: Thank you to everyone that reads this. I mean for reals. There is nothing more motivating to me than knowing that my triumphs are acknowledged on this blog. And when people (like Katie on my last post) say things like remembering my story over the last year, or Sam who has been reading this pretty much since day one... I mean it kills me with love. And I love it. Please don't stop reading, I won't stop writing and thanks even more to those that take the time to comment, you are all better than I am. 

Secondly: so many of the blogs that I used to read and have been reading have stopped being written, if you have a blog - please leave it in the comments or send me a link on email, so I can start reading. I love interesting blogs. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

Thirdly, to answer a question - I've been flirting with veganism for quite some time now and as all ED's will tell you, our food knowledge is fucking exceptional. We have researched every diet, in detail. We are walking calorie counters, we can tell you which celeb did what diet and lost how much weight. So yeah, you could say that I researched veganism before hand. But no more or less than any other diet that I've ever tried or researched. The thing that has struck me about veganism is that when you read literature about a diet, you almost second guess what you're reading, because you're like - yeah right, whatever. I already eat low-cals and I know how that goes, almost as if they can't tell you anything new. Cuz you know it, you've tried it. Veganism has however, entirely surprised me. 

Fourthly, updates about my life. I have something exciting to tell ya'll, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow before I do tell you. One of those lbs that I lost, I put on this morning, 64.9. Fuck. My. LIFE. HARD. I'm assuming that had something to do with the chips that I had. Fuck it Piggy. Today I had oatmeal, popcorn, a slice of bread with pb&j and lentil thai curry for dinner. Fuck my disgusting self. Probably in the region of 1000. Not great Piggy, not great. 

Peace & Love 
Xo Xo


Erin said...

We're so glad you post too! I love reading about your transition to veganism- I'm mostly vegan too and it's nice to read from someone's who's excited about it

Katie Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love reading your blog, and thank you for taking the time to read and comment on mine. Your posts and comments always make me smile. You can't just leave us hanging and telling us you have something to say but are gonna make us wait, not fair lol. remember, weight is supposed to fluctuate a bit dear. But I have no room to talk. Keep up the hard work at your veganism.

J (: said...

I will be honest with you - I dont't comment much. But I am a constant reader and have been for about a year now.
I'm the one that asked about the veganism. I basically just wanted to know if you had been into veganism before your ED of if it was something that came with your ED. Thats what I meant. I'm not sure if you follow my blog or not, but if you don't - here's the link.

Lena said...

Hey hun,
Been reading and commenting for a while, started reading before I even had my own blog. As long as you keep writing, I'll be right here reading :)
Please keep us posted on your job search, I'm positive that something great will turn up. Life has a funny way of figuring itself out.
Lena xx

Tatyana said...

I love your blog, even though I had a quiet moment in commenting. I love, love, love the way you say things with your middle finger up when you feel like it :D. Saves my day!

Flirting with veganism... I've been lazy with the background work but I don't really like red meat so it comes somewhat naturally to me. And my blog... don't know about interesting at least at the moment because my head is in the clouds and sometimes I'm secretly so happy that I make people wanna gag.

Oh, and something exiting? Please, please, tell me you got a job offer? Or is it something else cool... because it's you it can't be anything less than cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm vegan ad it's pretty cool, it's just normal to me now. I love reading your blog, it's up there on my list of interesting ones. It's great how much of you seems to come across through your blog.
Take care <3
Alice xx

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

awwwwwww you're too cute honestly x this makes me smile.
"walking calorie counters" oh how true and yesssss i've also flirted with it but then realised that restricting my diet for me means that i'll just eat everything when i get a chance to.
omg i'd die if i put on a pound within a day i'd die
i hope i do not put on a pound tomorrow. that's petrifying!
i will drink coffee until i shit. that is all.
PB&J. enough said. you won me over
fat piggy needs to meet fat panda Sam xo

-Sam Lupin/George DiCaprio

Emily Anonymous said...

Its sad sometimes how often bloggers go away. I guess they must get bored of it or it doesn't help them or something. I miss everyone who leaves. But someday it will be us. I mean, we can't blog til the day we die, right?

Eve said...

I started mine last December and I think what's cool about blogging is that you have a tangible source to refer to witness movement.
What attracted me to your blog was definitely the "fuck it" attitude. Love it.

Katie Dunning said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now. Reading your blog keeps me going. Because of you, I'm starting a new blog about my journey to be pretty and thin :) Thank you for writing, don't you ever stop!

Anonymous said...

I try to comment at least weekly, if not more often. And same with my blogs! Mine is, so please read and comment (if you want) too! :)

Alice Kelly said...
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Alice Kelly said...

Hi,I don't think I've ever commented but I've been a long time reader and I just wanted you to know howmuch I love your blog. Mines

Roxie Rice said...

I've been reading your blog for a year or so and I love it to bits!I love to read your new posts.
Here's my blog,Piggy, and any other readers out there: