Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sometimes, Life Just Bites

Basically, my asshole of a boss has taken this fucking conflict resolution as an opportunity to to lie about my performance at work and now I have a fucking disciplinary on Tuesday. Although what she doesn't understand is that once I have had it and basically been cleared of all things performance related, I full intend on laying a complaint against her for making a vexatious allegation against me which potentially could cost me my job. This also counts as gross misconduct and is one of the things they can fire you for. Fuck her. She is not going to fuck up my career just because she is a fucking asshole. 

Weight wise, I've been high for the last three days, so essentially I've been eating like a fucking horse. Today has been better and I did a shit load of walking today and a shit load of housework, so I've had three sugar free energy drinks, half a tandoori roti and the thai curry I'm busy making which consists of oyster mushrooms, leek, broccoli and coconut milk. So my total intake for today is going to be somewhere in the region of like.. 500. 

I've decided that despite only doing Sober October for like... October. That I'm going to stop drinking and allow myself one drunk night a month. I feel better without it, I've got a shitload more done this weekend than usual and life is just generally cheaper that way. If I am going to be able to go on my pilgrimage to India at the end of the year, then I'm going to need to stop spending so much money. 


Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Nina Hunter Grey said...

I'm saving up to go to Australia for a year. I need to save about £6000 to do it, though, so I'm going to live on cheap simple food and basically be a monk until I leave.

Bosses seem hard-wired to be assholes.


Emily Carter said...

There was a couple at my office that stopped smoking and put all the money they would have spent on cigarettes towards a trip to Australia. The two went to Australia within the year. I would recommend setting aside all the money you usually spend on alcohol in a separate savings account for you trip.


ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

"she is not going to fuck up my career just because she is a fucking asshole" i actually retype that by the way. THAT'S how much i truly was impressed by that statement x
FP eating like a horse? all the animals. fat panda will come to rescue the piglet from the clutches of DOOM

-Sam Lupin