Saturday, October 19, 2013

Veganism & Yoga

... seem to go together hand in hand, because for some amazing, yet surprising and strange reason, I am still losing weight even though my intake is enormous. I can't tell you why... I don't really understand it myself. As the previous sentence suggests, my intake today was enormous. I had two smallish oatmeal and nectarine pancakes, a big ass bowl of popcorn and a huge portion oh pad thai, which we all know has peanuts in it and a shiton too. I have been keeping up with my yoga challenge, I have done it everyday this week except Tuesday. So on Tuesday, I had my non vegan day for the week and it was a bit of a dog show, which included amongst other things, beer. But consistently since then I have lost one lb a day... well since Thursday. And I haven't been stingy as you can tell. Let's see what tomorrow brings. I've been trying to be more cognisant of what I've been putting in my body for like health reasons. In terms of salt and caffeine (I mean, we all know me and Monster) so I've started off my days with hot water and lemon, trying not to eat crisps, I mean these are the bane of my life. I just want them all the goddamn time. Anyway, will post a weight tomorrow. 

On the job front, I'll know next week if I get an offer from either company. I'm not convinced that I will get an offer. I'm starting to worry a little bit, so tomorrow I need to sign up with a couple of temp agencies so that I can cover all my bases and make sure that I start working in the next two weeks. Cuz fuck, I'm getting bored. Goddamn. 

Sorry that I have nothing interesting to say. 

Love & Popcorn
Xo Xo

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J (: said...

It's awesome that you're losing weight! Congrats!