Wednesday, November 6, 2013

There's Just So Much Fat

... god. I looked in the mirror when I came in... granted, I've just had a really long day coupled with a climbing session that was not impressive (NOTE TO SELF: Don't climb two days in a row and expect your body to cooperate). Anyway, it is just so much fat. My ass, my stomach, my arms even. I wish I could sandpaper it off. It's so awful. My intake today was okay, lentil soup for lunch (181), a soy latte for breakfast and another soy latte with lunch (probably around 300 for both). Seeing all this fat is killing me, so I'm gonna have veggie fingers for dinner (335) and skip my almond milk hot chocolate. I did climb for an hour so the nett isn't too bad, but still. *siiiiigh*

Roxie Rice commented on my last post - another romance... Do I have a lot of romances? :-/ I never thought about it really but maybe I do. I suppose since everyone is hopelessly coupled up and I'm pathetically single (EMPOWERED-LY SINGLE!), I kinda feel like it is always a thing that one is constantly looking for romance. I dunno, maybe it's a thing. Anyway, I've decided that the office romance beau is just not going to happen and actually not just because office flings are a total no-no. I'm still in TOTAL cock-fright mode. The thought of kissing someone freaks me out, let alone anything else. Please. People are intrusive. Men are intrusive. Go intrude elsewhere. 

Love & Kittens
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Katie Elizabeth said...

OMG I can't believe you went climbing two days in a row. You're crazy sweetie lol. I'm glad you decided no on the guy at work. It's probably for the best. I hope your body feels better tomorrow. Love.

Sar said...

Hahaha "cock-fright mode" LOVE it and totally relate :)

Stay strong hun!


désespérée de maigrir said...

Congrats on your new job - it's good that you were able to get into something quickly and it seems like you're liking it for now.

And also congrats on your climbing endeavors. Climbing is so badass and definitely lends itself to fun adventures when you get the basics down. My brother is an avid climber (I've never done it, but would like to try) and I've always admired that!

P.S. You're not fat and I'm sure you don't look pregnant. You are awesome and lovely and strong. And if you don't want to get with work guy, don't. And if you do, great - though don't write him off because he's too short… you never know ;)