Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Well today wasn't a total trainwreck, but it wasn't great either. I didn't weigh this morning, my stomach looked too pregnant to even consider seeing what it said. Today food-wise - I had half a sandwich with avocado (150), three chunky chips (100?); two slices of toast with PB (400) *SOB*; three vegan sausages (300) and then a soy choc shake (150) - so that's 1100 for the day. Fuck it. Tentatively it is probably closer to 1000, but still 800 higher than I wanted. ANYWAY - WHAT.CAN.YOU.DO. Stop eating Piggy, obviously you can do that. I'm such a dumb-dumb. Tomorrow I'm going climbing so hopefully that should put a virtual cork in my pie-hole. Today at work was just one of those awful days. Which I'm so over, but I'm going to persevere. Through this awful stage of induction and uncertainty, because I love the job. I don't really have much else to say. That boy, Anthony - is a thing of the past now. I can't handle the neediness. Yesterday at the climbing gym, there were all these hot boys that were helping me and it made me realise that I'd drop him in a heartbeat if someone else asked me out, which means I don't actually like him and I'd rather be able to flirt with them than have this stupid little distraction in my life. Overs-cadovers. 

Fierce & Love
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Ashley Nichole said...


<3 <3 <3

Katie Elizabeth said...

Good, I'm glad he is a thing of the past. He sounded too clingy. 1,000 isn't a terrible intake sweetheart. Could always be worse, just remember that. Have fun climbing.

annamaria said...

well the point is realising which people are worth the effort and not holding on to things more than you are supposed to :)


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! It's okay to have a high-calorie day, it keeps your metabolism up. Hugs and xoxo