Monday, November 18, 2013

The Rules...

I'm so fucking stoked that everyone is in for the challenge. Guys, this is going to be amazefest. Fuck yeah - can I get a hells-to-the-fuck yeah!! HELLSTOTHEFUCKYEAH! Holla. Okay, I'm far too much of a prude to be a gangster. I tried ladies, what can I say. Anyway dudes, so the rules are quite simple - you can start whenever you want. It's not like a huge deal - just set yourself a goal and stick to it. If you want to stop, then stop. If you want to continue and let's do it for reals - then continue. Everyone has more or less weight to lose and is a different height etc, so for example a super skinny may only be able to lose 5lbs in 4 weeks, but those of us with more lard to shed can go higher. Just add your comments and every Sunday we can post a weekly weigh in or you can do it daily, I don't really mind. And as I mentioned, those that reach their goals will get a prezzie from meeeeeeeeee, cuz I love to give gifts. :) I'm so happy to have some support in doing this, I won't let my friend beat me. 

I'm off to a cracker start, no jokes. I weighed in this morning before I went to the bathroom and I was 66.9 and then weighed again after I showered (three times - weighed, not showered) and I was 66.3. So I'm taking my weight as 66.3 for this morning (only 6.8 to go!). Today I have had 650ish cals (which is okay, I reckon) - which consisted of two coke zeros, two cups of black coffee, a ryevita snack pack thing (113), strawberries (60), and veggie bake patty things with ketchip (400), oh and an almond milk hot chocolate - but I use cocoa powder essentially for the hot choc, cuz almond milk is already a little sweet. So that's it for the day. 

As to the comment about veganism and Earthlings. You know - I said this to a friend the other day and I will actually stand by it. I don't know if you guys Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall (sp?) - but he had this show on BBC food called River Cottage and on this show he reared, slaughtered and cooked his own sheep, chicken, pigs, etc. Now if that is how the animal was reared and killed, I think I would probably eat it. My objection is to the industrial farming and rearing of things that are meant to be our food. I watched this clip about Ellen and she said something which really struck a cord with me. When you are eating something which has fear and sadness attached to it, you are putting that energy into your body. I don't want to put that into me. Why would I? 

I dunno, it's a whole thing. 

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Ashley Nichole said...


ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

i'm not a superskinny but i'm the kind that just wants to lose like 1.2-1.6 kilos (not sure about my scale today at all) for the thing. like just to get down to 62. anything under would be a lovely treat.
you're so nice. "a lot more lard to shed." i love you too, angel. i've got a lot more lard to shed but it's being resistant after losing 35 kilos. bloody hell.
awwwwww i started flushing and smiling when you said you loved giving gifts. you're so fetch.
'only' 6.8 kilos to go. yeah, love. you're bonkers. :)
you're a crazy lady. omg though. that intake. can i have it (bad Sam is in recovery should be thinking about devouring that for a meal instead).
because it's delicious.
that's why.
devote carnivore here. veganism and i did not work out.
i'm back to basics again. mostly pesca though because fuck me. chicken is okay. meat is okay. fish is fab.
just fuck me with a sushi roll. that's all i ask of you.
omg. now "all i ask of you" from the Phantom of the Opera popped into my head.

love, love, love
-George DiCaprio/Sam Lupin

Gena-Lap said...

I actually recall that Ellen quote as big big part of "skinny bitch" (which I loved and recommend to all though I'm still not "full-on" vegan.)

I'm so excited about this. I definitely needed the kick in the ass

Charlie said...

The challenge sounds awesome. Good luck with it! That quote from Ellen is gold, too. It really changes my perspective on a lot of things

Charlie said...

Love and all the rest!! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm going for 12 pounds in these 4 weeks :) That'll bring me back down to my all time lowest weight :D Good luck gorgeous xxx

Lolita Thin said...

I'm tempted to take part but I've yoyoed the same 15lbs all year and that's putting me off. Hmm. I can't decide! xx

Miranda said...

Wish I could join! If I actively tried to restrict I know I'd only gain at this point and it sucks. Good luck to everyone!!