Sunday, November 17, 2013

And The Challengers Are...

Didn't go that well for me, but I did watch Earthlings. Now listen. I got twenty minutes or so in. I'm never, ever eating an animal product ever again. The thought nauseates me. If you have the stomach for it, give it a watch, but be warned. It is awful. Veganism is the only option now. For me. So I weighed in this morning and I am a perfectly fat 67.5. I can't believe it. But anyway, it's a starting point. So I have to get down to 59.5 in 4 weeks. I will try and post my weight every time I post. The goal is 2kgs a week, or roughly 4.5lbs a week. SO if you are in for the challenge, comment on the post with your weight and we will go from there. The deadline is 14 December. 

So far, our challengers are:
- Coma
- Gena-Lap
- J (:
- Dorcha Aingeal
- The Dancer
- désespérée de maigrir

I will post my weight tomorrow again. Let's hope for at least a 0.5 drop. That's all I need. The thought that I could be 59.5 in 4 short weeks fucking kills me. I am going to skip lunch now and only eat dinner. That's the plan. Stay calm during the day with coke lights and coffee and then one meal in the evenings of barley or lentils. I can do this. WE CAN DO THIS. 

In other news, Anthony from work is still on my case and there is something to be said about persistence. Lets see how long he holds out. Maybe this one is worth it. 

Love & Skinny
Xo Xo


Ashley Nichole said...

I've been vegan for 8 years now; It is the way to go!

The Dancer said...

I've been vegan for about eight years (and was vegetarian for four-ish before that). Do it!

Start weight: 134.2 lbs (60.9 kg)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to join the challenge, but I have to be wary as to how much weight I drop before I leave for my semester in Italy. If I go too low, I won't be allowed to go. May I still join and work at a different pace?

Skylar Rainn said...

I'm all over this. Start weight, 125.4 lb

What?? I've had a long day of costa and cake =p xxx

Gena-Lap said...

Start: 117.8lbs / 53.5k

hoping to reach 105 in 30days... IT IS ON!!

Anonymous said...

When I went vegan I was planning to phase into veganism, and then I saw Earthlings. I was in tears within the first minute. I haven't put an animal product in my body since. It's true, after seeing that film, veganism is the only way because there's no way to justify the alternative.
Good luck with your weight loss challenge hun :)
Alice xx

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

Earthlings. okay, i know before i even read this shit that vegan shit is going to be mentioned.
i just ate macaroni with meatballs in it.
shit. that's a lot of weight to lose in 4 weeks, lady! i do not approve but i love you as much.
Anthony is a nice name. i like him because Anthony is a nice name

alright. my scale shifts between A and B so i'll choose A.
start weight: 63.6kg (139.9lbs - bloody 140 really).
the other weight my scale shows is 63.2kg (139lbs) - choose whatever you want. :3

-Sam Lupin

ꜛⱴאּ Sⱥm ŁupiƝ ҂ said...

ah. i just read over the other one. funny that is. in recovery Sam will probably be the last to lose as i eat far more than 500-800 calories and also, i don't want to lose 8kg (okay, i slightly want to but the goal is about 60 kilos for me.) probably will aim to lose 1 kilo a week sort of thing. oops.
i'd join for the fun but probably won't end up losing 8 kilos in 4 weeks with a 1500-1700 calorie intake! xD

-Sam Lupin

Emily Carter said...

is it too late to officially join? I will be trying for the same goal, but no worries if it can't be official. Good luck to everyone!


P.S. Here are my stats just incase: 59 kg or 130 pounds.

Eve said...

I feel like I have to be the devil's advocate and say that it's really sad how people treat animals and it's even sadder how people treat other people but that not all meat eating is bad. I grew up in a rural area where people farmed and ranched a lot and all the meat I ate was home grown. I can say from even my own family's personal experience that all the animals were treated humanely and with a lot of respect. If they got hurt, they were immediately cared for even if their only purpose was to be eaten later. It's definitely not the rule in the business, by any means, but there are good people that treat animals with dignity.
I will say vegan food is awesome, but I just can't quite give up steak. :)

Coma said...

I start at 58kg/128lbs -ish, sadly my weighting possibilities are limited.. I've never actually got under 52kg, so I'm not sure I can stick to 8kg loss. But hell I'm gonna do my best! :D

Dorcha Aingeal said...

Starting weight of 60kg, good luck everyone :)