Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Well Now I'm Clearly In The Shit

Despite me not being interested in this boy at work, pretty much at all. I saw him three nights in a row. Let me rephrase that - we got fucking drunk three nights in a row. Friday he threw a little hissy fit because I wandered off with some other people as I tend to do and then Saturday I gave him a stern talking to about how I don't want a boyfriend and how I'm not having sex with him. Yet still he persists. I was too hungover to climb on the weekend, but obviously not too hungover to eat like a fucking pig. So now I'm huge. The intense amount of walking is helping to make sure I don't balloon, but I'm far too scared to step on the scale. I will do so tomorrow morning... Today I had pot noodles, peanuts and a coke light for lunch, a soy latte and three slices of wholegrain bread with pickle and mustard on one, avocado and tomato on the other and vegan cheese on the third. So in reality, it was a sandwich and a half, BUT. I did climb for an hour and a half. So I am very sure that I've netted under 800. Which is fine. Tomorrow I need to keep it the same and the day after that similar. Fuck sakes. 

Anyway, I need to end shit for proper with this boy tomorrow. He was the cause of three nights of drinking and as many days of binging. So, there is no room for him in my life. He needs to go. AND new job is amazing. I'm going to Amsterdam in about three weeks for work. It is going to be SO fabulous :).

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Ashley Nichole said...

That dude sounds like a clingy shit!

If you even let him in just a bit, then he might become one of those stalker-y people, who think there is something, when there is totally nothing...

Don't let him guilt you either!!!

J (: said...

I went to Amsterdam, for a vacation. I also saw Roger Water's cover of The Wall album for Pink Floyd. Basically, it was THE BEST vacation I have taken to date, and I really think you'd like it! When do you go?

Katie Elizabeth said...

Dude sounds like he needs to get up out of your kool aid. I'm so jealous that you get to go to Germany. I would love to go.