Thursday, November 28, 2013

Give It Horns!

Today has been a really good day for me. Firstly, I weighed in at 65.5kg, exactly like I wanted. So I might be four days late, but I am where I was meant to be on Monday. So, I just need to make sure that I don't slip up this weekend and I may be able to make it up. This is going to be difficult, because I have a birthday tomorrow, but I am going to endeavor to drink white wine spritzers (soda, not lemonade) and not eat during the day. I will have maximum five drinks, get the last tube home and go climbing on Saturday. Today was also good because work was INSANELY busy, but excellent. I checked up on my visa for Amsterdam - which I can collect tomorrow AND I can't wait to go to Amsterdam. My first time there. I know, I know. Awful, but whatever. Today was also SICKLY AWESOME, because I actually went climbing and remembered how much I like it. My hands are mince meat though. Today was also a great day, because I have thus far only had 48 calories (which is a lo-cal Monster, 40 and a sugar free stimul.. something drink - 8) and I'm busy making dinner which is another lentil curry, my thing at the moment. And last night I totally underestimated how many calories are in it and there are less than 500. Closer to 400 in fact, but lets go with 500 to be safe. So my intake for the day will be 548. Which with the hour of climbing I did, will net at about 150. That's awesome. fucking. sauce. SAUCY SAUCE! *stop talking about sauce, Piggy* Anyway, so that's me for today - weigh in ladies?? I'm dying to know how ya'll are doing! 

Pterodactyls & Horns
Xo Xo 


Ashley Nichole said...

I love that picture!!! It is so beautiful <3

Also, good luck on your goals <3

Anonymous said...

Still at 132 pounds (same as last Friday), but I'm not too upset because I started my period yesterday so hopefully I'm just retaining water <3 Well done with your weight loss, gorgeous and I hope you have an absolutely amazing day! Happy birthday!!

Coma said...

Well I can't post any numbers since I now stay in no-scales flat, which is fine since I've been binging whole week and have reached size of pregnant hippo. So.. yeah. I need to really step it up this week to redeem myself..
Hope you ladies have been more successful :)