Friday, February 7, 2014

So Much To Tell...

I apologise in advance, because this is going to be a very long post. Firstly, my apologies for not posting in a while, I was in San Diego - and. it. was. amazing. I have resolved that after I have got my British passport I am going to try and move to California. I knew as soon as I arrived that I was amongst my people... the kind of place that I want to live. Man, there is just something about that place. I am going to San Francisco in July, so I am really, really hoping that it is going to be just as good. :)

So news from the trip is that I have been eating pretty much anything that I wanted, but on the plus side, I did run around last night. I did a sneaky weigh in with all my clothes on and after dinner and it was 65.5. So I'm hoping that tomorrow morning I will be in the low 64's. And then actually, it isn't that bad for a week of eating whatever. Today I had a veg pot, a small bag of crisps and two veggie burgers... I think it is somewhere around 1500, but I'm not sure... I don't think I'll gain anything tomorrow really. I also decided that I am going to try and do that Brazilian butt lift workout - because quite frankly, I'm starting to get concerned about my pale, cellulitey, flabby ass. I'm going to start it tomorrow. And perhaps some ab work. I can be 60kgs and have a great ass. It will be okay. 

San Diego also caused a bit of an existential crisis for me - a kind of - who am I, what am I doing with my life kind of thing. It reminded me a lot of Cape Town and the kind of person that I used to be. I want to be that person again. I have as a result decided that I am going to make some changes in my life. This was also partly because of the night before I went to San Diego - I got really drunk with work colleagues and made out with a married guy and somehow managed to end up with a black eye. Not my proudest moment. I have since decided that I will not be binge drinking anymore - except at home - no more losing my shit in public and certainly no more getting drunk with work colleagues. I am also going to ask for a raise at work, because I have more work than all the other producers and I am paid the worst. So it's time for that. I am going to try and angle it that I work in San Diego for three months next year - same company, just doing it remotely. If I can prove my worth to my company, I know they will let me do it. I'm changing my hair colour back to brown, because I'm over this bad ass London bitch that I seem to have become. I just want to be a normal chilled hippy again. I loved it then and I will love it now. I'm also going to start saving money. I have to if I ever want to buy a house and I need to buy a house before I leave the city. 

I also... sigh. Okay, so remember the physiotherapist that I hooked up with back in Cape Town. Well, he was in San Diego for a bit while I was there. He is having an existential crisis and he is staying with some family there for six months. Anyway, we had dinner pretty much every night that I was there and I was so jet lagged, it was very tame and nothing happened. And then on the last night we ended up hooking up. I feel like SUCH an idiot about it, because he was texting me and super keen to get together - not that I expected anything romantic, but I'm fairly certain he was only acting friendly because he wanted to get laid. I haven't heard from him since we hooked up. I feel like such a nob that I still get fooled by men like that. I'm not like sad about it or anything, because we already hooked up - I just wish that I men would stop disappointing me by acting like FUCKING DOGS! I did have a really nice swim with him and followed up by some hottubbing. I'm such an idiot. 

I'm really tired and got back to the office today. My new boss has started and I am positively SHITTING MYSELF, because the last time that I got a new boss, I ended up getting sacked because she hated me. I really hope this isn't the case with this one. I really hope that they just give me a raise and that I don't have to start looking elsewhere for another job, because I will if it comes to it. I'm not fucking around anymore - I want to start living the life I want and getting paid for the time commensurate to my abilities. Fuck it.

Anyway, enough of that. Wish me luck for my weigh in tomorrow, girls? I'm gonna catch up on everyone's blogs now. *Weeeeeeeeeee*

Peace & Love
Xo Xo


Katie Elizabeth said...

I'm glad that your trip went decently well. I'm sorry that the psychotherapist "hit it and quit it" like that. You deserve so much better. I wish you the best of luck on your weigh in tomorrow and maybe post a pic with your new hair?

Finally Perfection said...

I sincerely hope the work situation has improved. I left my job at the end of August last year because my boss hated me and there was no promotion / pay rise in sight, then the day I resigned, they suddenly had promotions available for the management role I'd been doing (but not being paid for). Then I got a new job, loved it, health deteriorated, needed an op and 8 weeks off, so they handed me my notice the day before my op. Self-employment is the way forward for me, at least. Employers are just liars who want to use you up like batteries. x