Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On & On

I can't post my weight, because it is fucking disgusting. Five days of perfect calories and then two of shit, and what do I get? Shitloads of fat taking up residence on my disgusting body. Why can't it be simple? Why can't the effort of years of dedication to being skinny just pay off? Nothing, that's what. The world is cruel. 

Today I've had... about 600 cals I think. And i'm definitely going to have a drink so add another 200 to that. I don't care. It's been a hard day. Why is it that when you finally get the areas of your life to go in a good direction that all of a sudden out of the blue, the rest spectacularly go to shit? My company is imploding. I'm completely concerned that I may be professionally compromised if I stay, but I love the company so I don't want to. I'm going to give it another six months and if the company doesn't pull itself towards itself, then I'll leave. I just feel like I need to act maturely and professionally, and basically. Not panic. I am panicking. STOP PANICKING PIGGY!!! :(

Fat & Blubbery
Xo Xo

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