Sunday, June 29, 2014

Update: Better & Worse

Just I suppose an awful/awesome update about my day based on the advice given. Firstly my intake. I had a couple of bites of pizza earlier... basically I just had the crust... which was stuffed (guessing about 150 cals), then I had 1l of sugar free energy drink (30), a sub (495) - then like the guilted Biggest Loser watcher that I am, I went for a run (134 cals according to the map my run) and then despite my best efforts, I went and had fried rice with peas (220) - in the high 700s for the day. Yay me, not yay me. I really didn't want to have the rice and then I kinda thought that because I had gone for the run it would be okay. 

David is starting to get into the depths of my eating disorder... he just tells me that I'm thin and beautiful. Obviously, he doesn't understand and I refuse to hide it from him. Yesterday, basically what happened was that we went to a BBQ and I didn't eat too much, but then we had pizza for dinner and when it rains, it pours. I had the whole pizza except for the tiny bit that I had this morning. In response to me whining about my guilt over the pizza, he told me I had had a tiny lunch and so I shouldn't worry about it. And that I am beautiful and thin. He seems to forget that I had loads of doritos, two slice of bread, salad dressing AND a couple of sweets and two bites of his chocolate on the way there. So actually no, David, no. I was fine before the pizza. Of course it had to be a stuffed crust. 

ANYWAY. The other thing that happened today is that I found a lump in my breast. Just. Fucking. Awesome. 

Love & Lumps
Xo Xo


Roxie Rice said...

get that lump checked as soon as possible girl! One of the secretaries at my high school found one and went to the doctor. They removed the tumor and she hasn't had any problems since then.

cursum perficio said...

Check lump now. There are no excuses.