Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How Can You Tell?

Yeah, so I just finished/am finishing Day 3 of Kayla Itsines... and I have spent the last two days in what can only be described as misery with a side order of agony. To start things off, I discovered that if you skip the snacks on her nutrition program, you will end up with a calorie count of roughly 800 - 1200. Which is obviously excellent considering this is considered a 'healthy' regime. Secondly, her workouts are not for pussys. Let me put it to you thus: I can't walk up stairs, I chose to stand on the tube this morning because sitting down and standing up was too painful, AND I haven't had tea in two days, because it involves bending over for milk = too. fucking. painful. My ass is in bits. Now, I appreciate that this is probably a combination of the MILLIONS of squats that I did and snowboarding on Sunday, but man-oh-man. I'm in pain. I just finished the abs and arms workout. I can't do a push up to save my life. I have a feeling this pain level may go on for a few weeks. *it's only 12 weeks* ANYWAY, so that's 3 days on the trot. I'm hoping I can go for a short run tomorrow morning... well. A short walk. In fact, I don't mind the walking... I quite like it. As long as I have a good playlist. Let's see what time I wake up. I'm planning on weighing on Sunday. And a progress pic every week. 

SO, I sent the ebooks to all that asked. I'm really fucking sorry it took so long, I seem to have forgotten my password so can only access it on my phone. HAVE YOU EVER FUCKING TRIED TO ATTACH A FILE ON AN iPHONE? NO? It's impossible. My friend from South Africa has already bailed on the plan. I'm really mad with her, because we were supposed to do it together. I just want her to succeed, because she is fucking massive (and not ana massive, like proper society massive - my guess about 110kg?) and she's given up and she's either going to have to marry a fattie or die alone. Both as bad as the other. Awful. 


Love & Success to all
Xo Xo

p.s. I should probably mention that my mood has been foul - which I believe to be a sideeffect of the new diet and exercise. I hope it doesn't last, my brain is a sieve. 


Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ│͍͢⃝Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│❀✿ ⱴ⁄ said...

thank you! just got my email. i'll be doing some intense reading today *w* thank you. I love these sort of book reads (but you already know that. I want to marry David Zinczenko).

"misery with a side order of agony" ah. so you've been to Body Pump then, right? /sorry. side-joke./

"AND I haven't had tea in two days, because it involves bending over for milk" you're kidding. oh my god.

when you can't do a push-up, do the girly ones. I can't do a normal push-up I always do the girly ones. this is a combination of the fact that i'm weak as hell and...oh, i'm weak as hell.

oh man... my mood has been foul and I've been eating peanut butter cups (meaning my mood shouldn't be foul. I should be flying over rainbows).

I love you, K. good luck!!

-Sam Lupin/George DiCaprio (first time I signed as George this year)

Calla Lily said...

What is this book that is being emailed around? It seems it would be helpful and motivational. I'm sorry the new diet and work out are leaving you cranky, I'm right there with you. UGH and I am SO sore from the gym two days ago, my hamstrings are on fire! You are working hard, and it will pay off soon :) XO Calla