Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pig Party

Things in my life have become a little bit upsetting... Really just two things in particular. The first is work - I had a complete mental breakdown at work with my boss on Friday. To be fair, I had fair reason to be upset, not least of which because the MD of the company was asking me questions in this completely pointless meeting that we had (3 of them in fact) and then as soon as I'd open my mouth to answer she'd cut me off and start talking about something else - IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, WHY ASK ME IN THE FIRST PLACE? Anyway, so now I have to go back to work tomorrow and deal with it. I was just too upset on Friday to say anything meaningful about it. YAY fun Monday, fun. Monday.

The second reason I'm totally upset is because my fat friend from CPT has completely given up on Kayla Itsines. We committed to doing this together. She did half of the first workout and hasn't done one since. She did two days of nutrition and at this very minute as we speak, she is sitting in a bar in Cape Town drinking pints of beer and eating beans and rice with deep fried bread. I'm so sick of her bitching about her weight and the fact that she is alone and can't get men, besides the fat, desperate ones because of how she looks. NOT ONLY THAT, but she is a pig party (NOW please excuse me if you don't know what a pig party is, but I was told this by a TWAT OF A MAN a few weeks ago - we all know what it is, but I'll just be the one to tell you - basically at the end of a night, the only girls left in the club are the fat, ugly ones and so you shag them, because all you have left is a pig party - it's awful I know, but this is what I was told). Now, my poor friend is a pig party - she has gone on 5/6 tinder dates, they have all fucked her and all never called her again. Pig party. :( I used to be the pig at the pig party... I know how it goes. Besides the fact that she is in that whole situation, she is also fucking killing herself. She is going to die alone at 35 and I need to accept that I can do absolutely nothing to save her. How tragic. 

Love & Blues


K. said...

This "pig party" idea is so depressive but also thought-provoking, like no one wants to be part of it, when you hear this. I have a lot of male friends and I know exactly how mean can they be for girls.

Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│ said...

aw, flower. so sorry about how work is being a bitch today. fuck them, honestly.

i loathe it when people do that. though i'm known for doing this quite a bit with people i'm comfortable with.

oh, yeah, you mentioned this before. the actual fat friend, not just 'ana fat' friend.

oh man...she's gonna have gas problems tonight.

deep fried bread though? that sounds lush.

you know what to do when it comes to these people? just lean back and say 'fuck it. i'm gonna show you up you little bitch' by being effortlessly flawless, as you already are.

what to do when people are lost causes. though i really love it when a fat person bitches about their weight and does nothing about it. i find myself feeling very smug. even though i am totally fat, at least i have successfully lost weight and kept it off, you know?

aw, flower. what to do?


-Sam Lupin