Monday, January 12, 2015

Starting Week 2

So today marks the beginning of week 2 of Kayla Itsines (for those that commented on my post about this a recently, I will send the books tomorrow - things have been a bit busy!) and it' it's going. Last week was fucking miserable - I was in the worst mood in the world. Fat, fat, fat. And yeah, just the worst mood. I definitely netted less than 1000 on every day that I did it and then on Friday and Saturday I went over... way over. No, lies. It was crazy binges, but it was high. Yesterday was fine. Today my intake was around 1100, but I did a lower body and cardio work out. So I'm sure it's below 1000. To be honest, I'm not losing weight. I'm sure though if I just persevere something will eventually happen right? Anyway, I WILL BE POSITIVE!! 

I'm hurting all over. I am irritated that I'm just as fat as I was last week, my belly looks enormous. (MAYBE I'M PREGNANT!! Take a test, Piggy...) Yeah, so. I dunno. The plus side is that I don't feel as miserable as I did last week, the whole like... getting up earlier to make food is getting easier. The working out is made possible courtesy of all the thinspo (fitspo?) on instagram. I WANT TO BE STRONG AND SKINNY. And I'm determined to finish 12 weeks. The goal for this week is clean eating. No cheating. All the way till Sunday. 

I haven't had booze since the 2nd or cigarettes. I will do this. I'm so fat though :( 

Fat & Fat (but somehow, upBEAT!)
Xo Xo

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Ṣαᵯ ȽuРіῄ│ said...

I think it'll happen. to be honest, I skimmed over both books and thought to myself "...yeah. good luck, FP." no way i'd be able to do that. i'd die from lack of sugar and the natural shit from fruit don't count.

I think you'll be able to do it, FP. good luck! <3

-Sam Lupin