Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And the rest...

YAY! So I am at the end of day 4 without any binges. My total for today is 683 according to my calorie counter although I suspect it may be about 100 higher than that, because I don't have an accurate estimate on the lentil soup I hate for dinner. It had lentil and reduced fat coconut milk in it... And I hate about two and a bit ladles of it. I also had five corn thins, which are about 150 cals for the five. Ya, so I failed with the corn thins, but at least my total isn't bad at all. :) :) Tomorrow I think I shall have exactly the same. Tuna salad, fruit and lentil soup for dinner, but just a tiny bit, because it is high in carbs. I am really proud of myself that I didn't binge today. Gotta keep it going. Hoping I can be in the low 58's tomorrow... maybe even high 57's. My god. 57. JESSUS FUCK. It would be so amazing.

I just skyped this friend of mine that I am staying with in London... and him and I hooked up randomly... innocently a few years back and then he started dating this other girl shortly after. But anyway, I think I may kinda like him a little bit. Dangerous piggy. So fucking dangerous. But he is such a nice boy, like nice and kinda sexy. I wish he were a little bit thinner... But he isn't fat, but like - could use a work out. While we were skyping he said I had nice legs and *BOOM BAM* that I look really skinny. Awwwwww thank you baby. *blush*

Anyway, enough of my shananigans. London in 23 days :D :D This week is going really quickly.


Love & LOVE
Xo Xo


Dainty said...

Congrats on going four days without binging; I wish I could say the same. If you like this boy and if he still isn't with the girl you mentioned, why not go for it?

All my support,

SkinnyNinny said...

Awesome on not binging! and compliments are the best! Sounds like he might like you a tad as well :)

xx SN