Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crushing... Again.

Today has been good. I feel like I exercised a fair amount of control. AND figured out a good healthy lunchtime meal. YAY. So according to what I should be doing with the nutritionist or dietitian - i.e. having three meals a day. I TOTALLY did and fuck it, my calories for today are a little high, but I know what the failure was. Anyway, so my calories for today are 798. Which is about 100 higher than what I want. I want to be able to maintain 700. Everyday. But I think for the first three weeks (remember 21 days to form a habit) - if I can stay below 1000 and not binge, then it will be a-okay.

So today I ate a nectarine (which I won't be doing often since it's a shiton of calories per one fruit, it's fucking ridicu-fucking-lous), a tuna salad for lunch (130 calories - 80g of tuna, 100g cucumber, 15g hellmans low fat mayo), an apple, a plum, topped off with butternut soup. The soup is what failed me because it was with garlic, butternut, carrots and stupidly I was talking to my housemate while I was cooking and just put a fuckload of olive oil in it. Which accounts for almost a third of my calories for the day. So, no more olive oil. But. Yes, it has been good. And I am feeling satisfied :) :)

The topic of my post is about my housemate, who is just so goddamn sexy. And we have spent almost the whole day chatting and he is just... dreamy. Like fucked up. But this isn't the one I hooked up with. An aside is that the one I did hook up with, I met his mother today because she came round to the house and she was like "oh you're fat piggy" - like she knew who I was. *facepalm* fuck it.

Got more shit together today for my visa and yes, things are going well :) :). I am going to see tenacious D in june in Brixton. FUCK I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!!!

Love & Cleanliness
Xo Xo


Tatyana said...

ouch, mom knowing you is bad. ^^
Good to see that you're alive and well, little higher don't matter. It bugs due to principles but that can be fixed. And you food intake looks so good that there's no such thing you should feel guilty because of the calories. I'm proud of you hun

❤ ♥ Sam [Misha] Lupin ❥ ❣ said...

<3 sounds like a plan!
i'm trying to just not binge. see my problem? ahahaha.
someone sounds like they're gonna be fucking skinny by the time i get back to blogger. shit.
i'm gonna be like (duuude. i'm so sorry. i gained back to 200lbs in two weeks). i know it's not possible, but i still fear that i'd suddenly see 178 or 194 or 217 on that scale again. never FUCKING AGAIN!
-Sam Lupin